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How to search location in Google Maps? Get all information here

Google Maps is an app that helps the user to find out the locations and also provides the route map to that particular location. In addition, the web mapping service of Google gives you satellite imagery, real-time traffic conditions, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, and route representation to travel either by foot or vehicle. Moreover, the utilisation of this app is quite easy as it has a user-friendly interface that helps a user to avail its all features. In addition, if any user faces trouble he or she may contact to Google Maps customer service team to get an instant assistance.

What are the benefits of using Google Maps?

There are a number of benefits you will avail by using the Google Maps application on your device. And to mention all here is almost next to impossible yet we have compiled a list of benefits that you will be availing on Google Maps app.

  • First of all, the Google Maps app builds trust among the customers if you run a business and you are available on the Google Maps. It allows the user to find out more about your business.
  • It enhances the research process if you need to go to a place you can even explore more about that particular area by using the Google Maps app.
  • You will not need to ask people way of your destination point just search on Google Maps app and navigate the shortest route.
  • Moreover, it helps you to grow your business with passive marketing.
  • In addition, it shows the best route to travel and let you avoid the busiest routes.

You can explore the nearby restaurant, departmental store, hotels, companies, and whatnot. In addition, to know more about its features and service you may contact Google Maps customer service.

How to search location in Google Maps?

  • First and foremost, you need to open the Google Maps application on your device.
  • Then you will see a Search Box at the top of the screen where you need to enter the name of the location or complete address of the place.
  • In addition, you can select the categories such as petrol pump, Gas Station, Groceries whatever you are looking for.
  • Moreover, you can utilise the Voice Search option and click on the Speak button and speak.
  • Besides, on getting your search result, you can find out the direction to that particular place along with the details about that place. Additionally, you can hear directions utilising the Voice-Guidance option.

Contact Google Maps customer service to know more about Google Maps

Google Maps Customer Service Phone Number

Though these steps will help you to search your location and navigate to the location sometimes people get stuck in accessing the app. If you are one of them and facing any issue with Google Maps you should call on Google Maps customer service phone number to get an instant help.

Google Maps Information by Wikipedia

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Type of site

Web mapping
Available in Multilingual
Owner Google LLC
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional, included with a Google Account
Launched February 8, 2005; 14 years ago
Current status Active
Written in C++ (back-end), JavaScript, XML, Ajax (UI)

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