How Do I Delete A Facebook Account?

Facebook provides you with a platform on which to share your issue or showcase your talent on a wide scale to different people worldwide. The company helps in saving your memories on its pages and makes you remember throughout the year. It also comes with a safety feature in which your profile picture gets locked, and nobody can misuse it for other purposes. In case you want to give a new start to your Facebook account, then you can delete your Facebook account, but how you can do so with the help of the below-discussed procedure, which is explained in bullet points for better understanding, and apply it without any expert guidance.

  • Open the official page of Facebook and log in through your account. 

  • Then go to the main profile, which is located at the top right corner of Facebook. 

  • Now you need to scroll down and click on Settings & Privacy. 

  • Tap the see more option in the Accounts center and click on personal details. 

  • After that, click on the account ownership and control, then tap on deactivation or deletion.  

How can I delete a Facebook Account through an app?

Facebook has also introduced an application-based service in which you can get access to this platform from your preferred smartphone. Facebook application is available for IOS and Android. You can retreive it from the app store. It is user-friendly, and all the tasks can be done in one place.

Deleting your Facebook account from the iPhone.

  • Open your iPhone and tap on the Facebook app. 

  • Then log in through your account.

  • After that, go to the three-lined icon ( hamburger menu), and tap on it.

  • Now tap on the settings and privacy tab. 

  • On the next panel, tap on the ownership and control, then choose deactivation or deletion.

  • At last select delete account, and Facebook will remove your account entirely. 

Deleting your Facebook account from the android.

  • Tap on the Facebook app on your preferred Android phone. 

  • After that, at the home screen, sign up with your credential. 

  • Now take your pointer at the three-lined icon ( hamburger menu )

  • Then touch on settings and privacy menu. After that, click on settings. 

  • You can choose account ownership and control then the panel will take you to the deactivation and deletion section.

  • Finally, choose to delete the account and tap on confirm. 

  • Your Facebook account has been deleted. 

Is it possible to undelete the Facebook account?

Yes, it is possible to undelete the Facebook account because, according to the company, it takes around 90 days to complete the deletion request and to remove everything you have posted permanently. Sometimes it may keep the backup in its storage for legal purposes as per the data policy. It also gives a 30-day grace period. After that, the team will erase your account.

  • You need to log in with your details on the official Facebook page. 

  • After that, go to the menu and tap on the cancel deletion tab. 

  • Fill out the terms and condition page and click on the continue button.

  • At last, you will get your Facebook account back after some time. 

What happens after you delete your Facebook account?

  • You can delete your Facebook account anytime, but after that, you will not be able to get access to Facebook until you make a new account on this platform. 

  • You wish to use Messenger, but you are unable to use it without having a Facebook account.

  • In case you have entered some accounts through Facebook login, then it may malfunction. 

  • The most important part is your memories and data that you will lose permanently unless you have saved and downloaded it somewhere. 

  • You will lose your app achievements , product, and purchases to your Facebook login. 

For any kind of help from Facebook, you can get in touch with the customer staff anytime from anywhere. 


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