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Mozilla Firefox Customer Service: deals all Browser problems

Mozilla Firefox is one best web browser having millions of users overall the world that is compatible with the application works on windows, OSX and Linux operating systems. Apart from this, it also develops mobile applications for androids, IOS and windows versions. Mozilla Firefox is ranked on second position just after Google Chrome. But sometime, uncertainties do occur and the users need to consult Mozilla Firefox customer service and seek their expert assistance.

It has been noticed that the temporary glitches does occur in the web browser and the same can be resolved by Mozilla Firefox customer service, which include issues such as

· Issue occur in the password protection

· Web browser is working slowly

· Outdated versions and applications

· In – compactable windows

· Spam-direction to the websites

· Issues that happening due to the temporary Internet files, cached files etc.

However these issues is most occurring and thus timely support is essential from the Mozilla Firefox customer service and is easy now easy through the live support or dialing the Mozilla Firefox customer service phone number and talking about the issues to the experts who are available 24x7 live and offers a reliable and easily avail technical support. Mozilla Firefox customer service offers a third party support with a toll free number, wherein the user can discuss their issues in length and resolve it with the remote assistance facility and fix it on time.

Deleting history in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox for Android offers the user to control over their personal data including their browsing history, passwords and more. The user can conveniently save this data to their browser and delete it any time desires to. To delete the history in Mozilla Firefox, it is recommended to contact the Mozilla Firefox customer service and seek their expert assistance. Initially, it is essential to clean the entire browsing history and then clear specific items from the browser and finally delete data on exist.

Clean the entire browsing history

· Go to the History panel on the home screen

· Tap on Clear browsing history at the bottom of the History panel

· Tap OK to confirm

Clear specific items from the browser

· Tap the menu button

· Select Settings

· Tap Clear private data

· Put a check mark next to the items that desire to clear

· Tap Clear data

Delete data on exit

· Tap the menu button

· Select Settings

· Tap Privacy and put a check mark next to Clear private data on exit

· In the pop-up window, select the types of information that the user would like to delete each time he or she quit Firefox

· Tap Set

Firefox will delete the information each time the user closes it through the Quit option on the menu


















































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