does dubai allow whatsapp calls

does dubai allow whatsapp calls?

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    Ritu Sharma Tuesday, 14 May

    Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the UAE, known for its architecture, innovations, and shopping scenes. While it is considered one of the most developed cities, it lacks modern connectivity. WhatsApp is banned in Dubai, and you cannot make WhatsApp calls. There are various reasons for this; you will discover them in the content below.

    What are the various reasons WhatsApp is banned in Dubai? 

    As per the United Arab Emirates Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TDRA), one cannot use WhatsApp in Dubai for security and regulatory reasons. 

    The UAE government takes extra care regarding national security and to avoid the potential misuse of encrypted communication, which could lead to unlawful activities such as terrorist activities. So, to safeguard national security, WhatsApp is banned. 

    What are the alternative options you can try to escape the WhatsApp ban? 

    Here are the two options you can try to overcome the WhatsApp ban: 

    VPN: Virtual private networks or VPNs allow users to bypass Whatsapp restrictions. It recognizes the location and appears in a way that will enable you to connect from a place where WhatsApp is permitted. However, you cannot rely on VPNs in Dubai as some may not protect privacy or work properly. However, when using VPNs, ensure they have features like a kill switch, strict no-log policy, fast and consistent performance, and large server networks in various countries. 

    Alternative Apps: If you are unsure whether to use a VPN, try alternative apps. They are not exactly like WhatsApp; they also require paying a subscription fee with local telecom providers. The different alternative Apps you can use in Dubai are BOTIM and C'ME. 

    Can you use Whatsapp business API in Dubai? 

    WhatsApp is banned 🚫 in Dubai. However, WhatsApp Business API is allowed with some restrictions. It's not available for every business; one must apply for a Whatsapp business account and get approval from the UAE government. 

    Conclusion: Whatsapp is banned in Dubai for security reasons and to avoid unlawful activities. However, there are some alternative apps you can use. You can also use a VPN, considering various things. One can use Whatsapp's business API by getting approval from the Dubai government. Share your opinion or concerns in the following comment box for more details. 

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