i want to know that is bsc it a good course

i want to know that is bsc it a good course?

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    Monica Sharma Tuesday, 7 July, 2020

    The BSc IT course is a great option for students who would like to be a part of an industry-oriented programme. BSc IT is a tailor-made professional course that covers the entire engineering syllabus with a pragmatic point of view. It is a better program than the traditional engineering degrees such as the BE and the BTech. The curriculum is way different as BSc IT does not include study of outdated technologies that an engineering student has to do while doing BE or BTech. 

    There are several points that one must consider before going for the desired degree course. This paper will cover all the pros and cons related with BSc IT to give a crystal clear comprehension of what to choose when going for an engineering degree course. Keep following for more details.

    The major point of distinctions between the traditional engineering degrees like BE and BTech and the BSc IT degree are as follows:

    • Unlike BE and BTech , the BSc IT course is far more professional than the traditional courses that are related to engineering.
    • The BSc IT course is a three year degree course whereas the traditional engineering programs such as BE and BTech are of four years.
    • The BSc IT degree course normally consists of 6 hours lectures whereas 8 hours lectures are held in BE or BTech degree courses. This allows candidates ample time to also focus on curricular activities or the scope to take up some hobby alongside doing the degree course.
    • If we compare the fee structure of the BSc IT degree with that of the BE or BTech degree, it can be noted that the four yer engineering course is quite expensive as compared to the three year BSc IT degree. 
    • However there are certain things that one must also compare while choosing the degree course that they would like to go for.There is a lot of difference in the freshers salary of BSc IT and a BE or BTech. Otherwise if you have a sound background and just want to study computers or any other technological field then a BSc IT degree is a best option.

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