is ethiopian airlines allowing flight date changes

is ethiopian airlines allowing flight date changes?

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    herry porter Wednesday, 16 February, 2022

    Yes, you can easily reschedule at Ethiopian Airlines by visiting its official website. There, navigate the Manage Booking section and enter your ticket credentials to access your reservation. Once you retrieve the reservation, the airline allows you to modify the dates as per your choice.

    But, before you learn about how can I change my flight date on Ethiopian Airlines, you must have a fair knowledge about the terms and conditions associated with it. Do not worry, as this article includes all the relevant information about the date change formalities at Ethiopian Airlines for your convenience.

    Some Important Flight Date Clause of Ethiopian Airlines 

    Below given is an efficient list of some important flight date change terms and conditions as imposed by Ethiopian Airlines:

    • You can reschedule your original flight on a new date only if you own a reserved ticket from the airline.
    • Also, if you make the required changes within a day of its schedule, you can bring modifications for free.
    • And Ethiopian Airlines allows you to make flight date changes for up to 24 hours of the flight’s departure.
    • The flight date change charges vary up to 10 USD if you fly via the Ethiopian route. However, if you cover the North American route, the flight date change charge increases to 200 USD.
    • Lastly, you need to pay 100 USD for your flight covering other routes than Ethiopian and North American.
    • Now that you know about the change in terms and conditions, you can visit the online website and find an efficient answer to how can I change my flight date on Ethiopian Airlines . Well, do not ache your head if you cannot make the change by yourself. You can contact the airline’s official travel agents to help you understand the Ethiopian Airlines flight date change formalities. Also, the agents can perform the flight date change procedure so that you don’t face any inconveniences.

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