is there any ways to change air canada flight for free

is there any ways to change air canada flight for free?

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    frankk john Wednesday, 17 August, 2022

    Air Canada provides flexible policies and services to make your journey beautiful and comfortable. As per the Air Canada flight change policy, if you wish to change the flight for free, you must make the booking at least seven days before and complete the change formalities within 24 hours of booking.If you wonder how to change Air Canada flights for free, there are several ways. You can change it online by visiting the official Air Canada site or talking to the airline Canada representative. Besides that, if the booking is via a third party, you must speak to your agent directly to make any change in your booking.

    Let's check out the ways to change Air Canada flights. 

    If you book your flight from the official site of Air Canada, at the airport, or by calling the contact center, you can opt for any of the methods below to change your Air Canada flight. Change flight online

  2. Go to the official site of Air Canada and locate the manage booking section
  3. You can also login to your account to access booking details
  4. Enter the confirmation number and the last name to retrieve your booking details
  5. Now from the dashboard, select the trip you wish to change
  6. You can do the modification and select new details as per the availability
  7. Follow the instruction, confirm the changes, and pay the fee if required
  8. Change flight by calling.

    If you don't find the online process feasible, call the airline directly and request the agent that you wish to make some changes in the booking.

    At Airport

    You can visit the airport and meet in person to make any changes. However, it might not be possible in all cases to visit airports within the risk-free period, so not everyone prefers this option.

    You can change Air Canada flights for free anytime by going through the information above. Besides, if you face any issues or troubles on how do I change flight date on Air Canada free, speak to the Air Canada representative directly.

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