is travomint iata approved or not

is travomint iata approved or not?

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    kim john Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
    Answer is yes- Is Travomint IATA approved or not ?IATA supports the aviation industry with global standards of safety, security, sustainability and efficiency of the airlines. And yes, it is an honour that IATA has approved (Travomint) services. To book your flights and hotels, you can find the best deals on website and save a lot of money for your journey. Travomint have a tie-up with the world's must brands for serving you with the best flights and hotel services. After the pandemic situation, as all the services have resumed, there are changes in the IATA standards. Travomint as a company has also updated services for a safe and better trip of the passengers. For IATA standards, priority is to keep the passengers safe and secure with all the best possible services at end. If you want to enquire anything services or Is Travomint IATA approved or not, contact us through the options available on website.

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