what day are southwest flights cheapest

what day are southwest flights cheapest?

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    gull john Wednesday, 17 March, 2021
    Best Time to Shop For Southwest Tickets

    Apparently, even in the air market, there are times, days and seasons in which you can go for shopping, fill up your cart and still be happy about the weight of your pocket. Yes, there are days that are best for buying tickets for Southwest Airlines. What happens is although Southwest provides a very reasonable amount on its reservations and tickets but still there are times when one can really get a very good deal and can happily enjoy the journey with their friends, family, or a business trip.

    What day are Southwest flights cheapest? The best days to make a reservation on Southwest or to buy tickets for flying are mentioned below -

    Monday Midnight - Tuesday Afternoon - Well, it is believed and proved that the time between Monday midnight i.e. once it hits, 12 in the night, and till the afternoon of Tuesday. The tickets are at a very reasonable rate and you can really get a very good deal out of it.

    Following Southwest on Social Media - If you follow the Southwest on its social media accounts, you can really be aware about the sale or discounts on Southwest airfares easily. As they eventually upload every piece of information on their social media accounts.

    Flying Off-Season - If you are planning to go on a trip in your holidays or planning to visit your long-lost friend or relatives for giving them a surprise. You can choose the off season for the trip to be pocket friendly. As due to low air traffic, the number of passengers on the plane is less and you can get your ticket at a very low cost.

    Therefore, the above-mentioned points can easily help you out in figuring out the perfect time to make southwest airlines reservations and get the tickets for a comfortable ride in the comfort of your pocket. Thus, you can have a trip in which your air fare won't result as a burden.

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