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Nowadays when someone decides to start a new business, the first thing he or she will be advised to do is to start a website of his or her own. With the help of a well-maintained website, one can educate his or her target customers about the business and take the business from local periphery to a global platform. So nowadays, to have a thriving business one must have a website from where the potential clients can gather enough information about the nature of the business. If you are looking to create a website for your business, you can take WordPress in to consideration. WordPress is right now one of the most preferred publishing platforms on the web that enables you to create beautiful websites and blogs, that too at free of cost.

The Important Characteristics of WordPress

One of the salient features of WordPress is that it lets us create both websites and blogs. Though WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL, you don’t have to be a geek to use it. The makers have made it easy to use and extremely flexible. With the help of WordPress, you can develop an attractive website for your business or personal brand. If you have a preconceived picture about how your website should look or feel, WordPress is the right place for you. It not only lets you decide the domain name of your website, but also the colours and layout of your website. You can also use WordPress for both personal and professional blogging. It lets you personalize your blog and share it with your desired audience. Contacting the customer support with WordPress support number, you can know more about the features of WordPress.

The Growing Popularity of WordPress

WordPress has gained much popularity over the years. According to reports, 28% of the web is powered by WordPress. Big companies like PlayStation, CNN, People Magazine use WordPress as their publishing platform. One of the many reasons behind WordPress’s growing popularity is that it is easy to use. You don’t have to be a pro to have an easy-going work on WordPress. Few years ago, WordPress was meant to be used for only blogging. But now, you can create and control your professional website. When it comes to having a website or an online blog, the appearance does matter quite a lot. Keeping this in mind, WordPress lets you choose from hundreds of beautiful themes. It provides you unique and attractive themes for your website or blog. The most important thing is by contacting WordPress support number,

How to Create a WordPress Account

Creating a WordPress account does not require you to be an expert in technical field. With little bit concentration any one can create a WordPress account. By going through the following steps, you can have an idea about creating a WordPress account.

· To create a WordPress account, you have to go to WordPress.com

· There you have to choose the ‘sign in’ option.

· Then you will be asked to enter your email address and to choose a user name and Password. Or you can just create a WordPress account by just signing into your Google account.

· From there you will be asked to use log into your email account from where you will be directed to your newly created WordPress account.

This is an extremely easy task. But if you face any trouble creating an account, you can always contact the WordPress technical support number.

How to Reset the Password of a WordPress Account

If you already have a WordPress account but you have lost your password, there is no need to worry. You can reset your password any time you want. Resetting the password of a WordPress account is as easy as creating one. If you don’t remember the password of your WordPress account, the following steps may help.

·         In order to reset your password, you have to put either your username or email address in the given box.

·         Then select the ‘get new password’ option.

·         Your recovery details will be sent to your email address within few minutes.

·         By following the instructions sent to your email address, you can be reunited with your WordPress account.

The customer support of WordPress understands the value of your website and blog. That’s why they keep WordPress technical support phone number open 24/7 to resolve all your password recovery related issues.

The Customer Support of WordPress

For WordPress customer support the happiness of their users holds the supreme importance. And they do not take any risk with it. There are many similar applications that provide similar service in the market. But one has to be really prudent while choosing an application to build his or her professional blog or website. If a unique website can help you prosper in your business, a messy one can bring the downfall of your business in no time. WordPress customer service with their always available WordPress support number, ensures that their users can make attractive blogs and websites and gain immense appreciation with the help of WordPress. 


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