Best ways to Avoid Google Penalties 2022 and What Kinds of Penalties

How can I avoid Google penalties?

Google penalty will reduce or eradicate the website from the traffic, which creates chaos for the SEO to recover. As there will be a new update every time by google, and hence they tighten their standards. With this, Google will easily catch the wrong content uploaded on the website that is outside the search engine guidelines. If google gives a penalty to your site, then your ranking will fall down to some extent.

What is Google Penalty?

According to search engine optimization, the terms' penalty means the negative influence on the organic ranking of your websites. This can happen due to two reasons that are given below:

Algorithm based: it means the site falls down automatically.
Manual based: the penalty is given due to the intentionally for black hat actions.

Some key recommendations to avoid Google Penalty:

If you want to avoid any Google penalty that decreases the ranking, you can check some advice that is mentioned below:

  1. Avoid link schemes
  2. Avoid overusing of keywords
  3. Make original content
  4. Do not buy links
  5. Never hide content
  6. Do not create UnNatural links
  7. Avoid Cloaking
  8. Use Physical address throughout your websites
  9. Avoid to create spammy links
  10. Avoid to make links with illegal websites
  • Avoid link schemes:

If the SEO is passing the links to value, then this must be natural, and you should go with "no follow quality" that gives rise to any paid links. Hence you need to avoid any paid links that rise up your website.

  • Avoid overusing of keywords:

Once you frame your content with the keyword, then you should avoid the repetitions of the same word. With this, your website ranking will hurt as keyword is the crucial part of the content that must be placed in a proper manner.

  • Make original content:

The content must be original and unique that cannot be copied. As if google sees the same content repeatedly, that decreases the average rating of your website. You need to follow these protocols to get rid of any penalty.

Google name penalties:

Penalties will push down the website to the least ranking that will no longer show on google searches. As per Google, there will be two algorithms that must not bite your website. Hence you can read further regarding all the updates:

Google panda penalty:

The Panda update first came in February 2011 and later became part of Google's core algorithm in 2016. as per the panda penalty, the main motive is to stop out the poor quality content from the top searches of google. If the panda thinks that your website is offering low-quality pages outside the google violations, it will become a low-ranking site.

The reason can be the no added value, product pages, no original text, universal duplicate content, etc.

Points to avoid a Panda penalty:

  1. You can make the panda happy by offering the original content for the viewers.
  2. You can earn back the issue by improving the thin content and abolishing the duplicate pages.
  3. Panda always wanted high-quality and original content for the visitors.

Google penguin penalty:

Firstly it is launched in April 2012, but after so many rollouts, google updated the penguin feature in September 2016. The google penguin feature will detect any spam link. For example, if any profile of the site contains too many unnatural links, then penguins will exploit the ranking of the link.

How to avoid the penguin penalty?

If the SEO finds that the link drops down, then this is the sign of a panda penalty. To get rid of this issue, you need to keep an eye on your links regularly and should not create more links to one phase.
You must also clean up the black links accordingly and stop being penalized by the penguin.

Intrusive interstitial penalty:

This penalty was launched in January 2017 that gives the effect to mobile searches only. According to this, the web pages that stop up the searches from easily seeing the content are decreased by google.

Manner to avoid the interstitial penalty:

You need to provide mobile searchers with a better experience.
You need to avoid the ads and popups that block in a large number when the searcher arrives.

Payday loan penalty:

This penalty arrived in June 2013, violates Viagra, and pornography-related keywords result in heavily spammed queries.

How to get rid of the payday loan penalty?

The payday loan will penalize sites that include link schemes, web spam, and other illegal activities. You need to be clear with this and decrease the risk of losing the organic search engine rankings.

About manual actions:

Apart from all the algorithm penalties, it can also be possible for the SEO to manually cause the website for up and down in the rankings. Hence google team members can manually go through the websites to levy penalties or expel the index.

How to go through with manual actions?

If your website receives the manual action notice to violate the google rules and regulations, then you can see the messages of your site. For this, you can perform the given steps to check them manually:

  1. First, you need to log in to your Google search console account using the correct email id and password.
  2. Then, you need to tap on the manual actions report page available at the account.
  3. You can read all the messages to find out the certain reason for the google manual actions with the type of parts that affect the site.

Hence, manual actions can be caused because of anything that hampers the google guidelines like thin content, unnatural links, pure web spam, etc.

So there are basically two things which are very important when you want to avoid google penalties for your websites one thing is Quality Backlinks and other is Unique Content. Therefore, you will find out how do I stop google sites from penalties and get detailed knowledge with the above information to apply to your sites. You can easily avoid all the penalties to your sites.


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