What is the basic difference between a Facebook group and community?

Facebook is a social web page that permits users to create accounts and connect with other people. There is a minor difference between the Facebook group and its community page. In the Facebook group, you can discuss any shared interests within a private space only with your mutual group members. On the Facebook community page, you will get some other members who are different from your group, and they may even like to share their interests for further discussion.

How to create a group and community?

For the creation of Facebook groups, you should first reach the Facebook official page and click on the Feed option to add groups. But if you do not see the Group option directly, under the See More tab, create a new group with a unique name. Also, while making the new group, you should choose the visible or hidden option in the privacy sections. After creating a group with personalized cover photos, you can now add new users of your choice.

Similarly, to create a Facebook community, you must navigate to the Create a Page tab from the menu option. You should now add a page name and an eye-catching description. Moreover, you can select the community type from the drop-down menu and tap the Create button. Finally, you can add a community banner image along with a suitable profile picture. 

How do I change my Facebook group to a community page?

To increase engagement, excitement, and collaboration among users, you can convert your group type into a community page. You should follow some of the necessary steps to convert your Facebook group into a community page.

  • Initially, after login in to your Facebook account, you can choose the group and tap on the More menu tab.

  • Under the drop-down menu, choose the "Edit Group setting" button.

  • Near the "Group Type," you should go through the "Edit" option from the "General" menu button.

  • You need to choose the "Community Page" type and click on it to save it. 

What are the community roles in Facebook groups?

Usually, there are two primary roles for group users in the Facebook community: admin and moderator. Both these members have the supreme power to manage and control the Facebook content or videos within a community. However, to learn more about admin and moderator roles, you can focus on the below points.

  • Admin:  Users who create the Facebook group can control almost all major group settings.

  • Moderators: Moderators usually help the admin manage various group activities and ensure activities within a community page function properly.

What are the disadvantages of a Facebook group?

Some disadvantages of the Facebook group exist in addition to its numerous advantages, and you must know about them before joining any group as a member. Some of the Facebook group disadvantages are highlighted here.

  • Lack of control over the spam and misleading information.

  • Several privacy issues can be observed.

  • It is not suitable for all advertisement types or lacks branding.

  • It is not the right platform for any formal support.

  • Facebook groups sometimes offer limited features to associated members.

  • Not search-engine friendly.

  • Uncomfortable for some new users.

  • Facebook owns group content and is also black if something is found unlawful.

Is it better to have a page or a group on Facebook?

Both Facebook pages and groups are the best depending on your core interests. Community pages are preferred because they are more suitable for brand advertisements to a large audience and connect them to your luxurious product or service features. However, Facebook groups are far better for small or new enterprises' presence in the competitive market. Facebook groups are often feedback-oriented for small or new companies, which helps them establish into big firms.



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