Understand the China-like Internet Firewall to regulate various social media platforms by Pakistanis

Currently, there is a buzz that Pakistan is launching a national Internet Firewall system to monitor and regulate content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. According to sources, the Firewall operates like China's, which makes it more convenient to observe in the country. This step led to a block of Twitter in Pakistan earlier this year, and it happened just because of unwarranted information by the Pakistani Government. Hence, executing this Firewall reaches China's Great Firewall, notorious for its stringent internet censorship and surveillance mechanisms. 

Pakistan installs 'China-like internet firewall' to regulate Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Pakistan has undertaken a powerful overhaul of its internet regulation policies by installing a 'China-like internet firewall' to control access to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and others. This move is part of a broader initiative by the Pakistani government to tighten its grip on the digital landscape and manage the flow of information within the country.

Get the aim to implementing Internet Firewall by Pakistanis:

Pakistani Government maintains these social media actions through the Internet service and convincing no violate fundamental rights. To get further updates about how a China-like Internet Firewall can regulate the numerous social media services, read the essential points below.

  • Figure out Propganda: 

In China, the firewall blocks access to numerous foreign websites and services, effectively controlling what its citizens can see and share online. The firewall has been installed to use Deep Packet Inspection technology to check the package and identify modalities of propaganda material. The DPI generally scrutinizes the data using the application layer, which is an excellent protocol for analyzing content online.

  • Keyword Filtering 

Keyword filtering is one of Twitter's best features. It aims to familiarize users with blocked content and help them avoid Twitter's undesirable content by the government. It is the most significant method to prevent defilement, loathing speech, or critical content for the state.

  • Mitigate the utilizing VPN:

The Pakistani government has promised to regulate the use of Virtual Private Networks and instructed people to avoid restrictions on Twitter for any statements. It has urged people to sidestep unwarranted critics who argue that the firewall severely threatens freedom of expression and privacy. They claim that such extensive control over the internet could suppress nonconformist voices and stifle public discourse. It is important to check with the management of Twitter to take down problematic content. 


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