Is Norton LifeLock a good company?-A Complete Tutorial for Life

Norton LifeLock is an online software that protects and monitors your personal identity, bank account, and social security number and immediately sends you an alert in case of suspicious activity. If you are wondering, "Is Norton LifeLock a good Complany?" they offer multiple cybersecurity services to save you from online theft and even refund stolen funds. Its services are safe to use with a relevant price for the subscription plan.

Services offered by Norton LifeLock:

Norton LifeLock offers multiple services that keep your identity secure from cyber theft. Go through the given information to learn more about their services:

  • Online Privacy -It assists in reducing your personal details in public. They ran a quick search on various public websites to help maintain your privacy.

  • Keep an eye on the Dark-web - There are a few thieves that may try to sell your personal details on dark web. Norton scans the dard websites for your identity and immediately send a notification, if they find something about you.

  • Notification for use of your Social Security Number - They monitor the use of your name, address, date of birth, social security number, etc. If someone tries to use your identity without permission, then you will immediately get an alert via phone, message, or email.

  • 24/7 priority live customer support - For any query or assistance, a live customer support executive is available 24/7 and will guide you through the phone call and live chat. Your call will be set as a priority, and someone will get ahold of you immediately.

  • Protect your wallet - A wallet contains all the user's identity, such as credit cards, driver's licenses, insurance numbers, and many more. If someone steals your wallet, immediately contact Noton, and they will help you cancel them and issue a new one.

  • Refund for stolen funds - If any user have their money stolen because of the identity theft, then Norton will provide you with the refund. You can claim up to $1,00,000 for reimbursement.

How much does Norton LifeLock cost?

To use the services of Norton LifeLock, you have to buy their subscription plan, which is available for individuals and families. The prices of the plans may differ depending on the services, and you can add up to 2 adults and five kids to your subscription. Following are mentioned the prices of each subscription plan on a monthly basis depending on the members:

  • Individual

- Standard - $11.99

- Advantage - $ 22.99

- Ultimate Plus- $34.99 per month

  • Family Plan (2 Adults)

-Standard - $23.99

- Advantage - $45.99

- Ultimate Plus -$69.99

  • Family Plan (2 Adults + 5 Kids)

- Standard - $35.99

- Advantage - $57.99 

-Ultimate Plus - $79.99

Hopefully with this information, you would have gotten all the details about the services and benefits of Norton LifeLock. For any further details, head to their official website or you can also reach out to the customer service and they will answer your question.




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