How do I block Unwanted Content on Facebook?-Ways you can Opt

Facebook has billions of active users who promote or share content; some are creators, influencers, promoters, politicians, artists, etc. Some content may be illegal or obscene, but despite reporting these reels, photos, or videos, the content keeps coming into your feed. Thus, if you are here to learn the methods to block all the unwanted content on Facebook, you are at the right place. This discussion will hit the spot by providing you with all the proven techniques through which you can fix the same concern; please take note of them and explore them; 

Explore ways to block unwanted content on Facebook; 

Control your Facebook Page. 

The primary window you can consider is to block all such posts or content from coming to your feed by making necessary modifications to your ID. However, merely by reading this statement, your work will not be done; below are some more steps you need to follow; please take a look:

  • First, go to the Facebook page from your browser and log in to your account. 

  • Type your credentials and go to your profile. 

  • Locate the "Settings" of your Facebook page to continue. 

  • You have to tap the tab "Moderation." 

  • You will find the words you do not want to see in your feed and other content there. 

  • With this, these comments or content may be hidden from your feed. 

What are the other modes to restrict unwanted content on Facebook?

If you are unable to moderate your account via the above-written methods and you are still coming across unwanted content on Facebook, you are requested to dive into some other modes that are listed below; please have a look:

Hit the "REPORT" option. 

There is a first window that you can consider to prevent content from coming into your feed by tapping on the report option. Below are the steps you can consider; please take note of them;

  • While scrolling, you may come across the content you may not want to see, so click the three dots of that concerned post. 

  • Go to the "Report" option to continue.

  • Choose the reason, for example, "someone else," "Child abuse," etc., and continue.

  • Based on your preference, either restrict the concerned account or leave it. 

  • This will be monitored by the Facebook agency, and you may not find such posts or content in your feed again. 

Submit your complaint to the officials. 

 Sometimes your profile is overflooded with unwanted content that you may not want to see on your profile, for example, child abuse, harassment, hunting, fake profiles, trafficking, incitements, etc.; in such cases, you can register your complaint to the officials of Facebook, and your concern may get fixed. However, below are the different steps you need to follow; kindly take note of them;

  • Visit the official Facebook page and log in to your account by entering all your details.

  • Take a screenshot of the content you want to restrict.

  • Go to the "Support" tab under the Help section.

  • Once there, click the "Submit a report." 

  • Take a screenshot of the content you do not want to come to your feed and submit it in the given section with a brief description. 

  • The agents may look into the matter and iron it out immediately. 

How to prevent obscene content on Facebook?

If you think you keep on viewing the obscene content on your Facebook feed, you must immediately restrict the concerned account. This will help you fix the issues. You are also requested not to like any of these posts as it may lead your account to be restricted by the agency.

If you take a careful look at the discussion, you will learn all the ways to prevent unwanted content on Facebook. 


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