Can Google Nest answer your phone calls?

What is Google Nest and does it answers on Phone Calls

YES, Google Nest does answer your phone calls. But for that, you need to sync in your phone call option with your Google Nest. So in case, you need to learn about the ways through which you will get to know how it works. And the procedure that is indicated towards Can Google Nest answer phone calls is quite simple and easy that you can follow and get the option to receive calls on your Google Nest tab easily. Generally, getting a Google smart speaker to do so is one of the most straightforward procedures you will get to know about after going through the given below write-up.

So, here below are mentioned some of the steps that you must follow point by point, and you will get in assistance of learning about Google Nest phone calls.

  1. First off, you need to download the Google Home app, through the help of the Google play store, and for Apple devices, you must use Apple’s app store.
  2. Now, you need to open up the Google home page onto your device.
  3. Next, check to make sure your phone and tablet is connected with the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home.
  4. Now, from the upper-left corner, tap on the menu icon and then confirm that the Google Account listed is the one linked to your Google home.
  5. If in case it is not the same account, then you need to switch accounts.
  6. Tap the triangle option and then select the correct account name to change accounts.
  7. After that, once you give the accurate Google account is listed, then herein tap Menu from the upper-left corner of the app home screen.
  8. Now tap over more settings app.
  9. Next under, devices, choose the Google home that you wish to connect your contact to.

After this, find and tap the section which is labeled adjust settings for this device
Now, you need to turn on personal results by moving the slider to the right side
In the end, repeat this same process for each Google home device you want to connect to your contacts.

Therefore, by following these above-given points step by step, you will quite efficiently learn how you will receive calls onto your Google Nest without any trouble or issue.

However, find it challenging to use Google Nest to receive calls after you connect it with your contact list then in such a scenario. You will get the option of making appropriate use of the helpline number or live chat option though you will get in contact with a customer care team representative who will assist you with the best solution points and tips. The Google customer service is active 24/7 for instant support of users with appropriate tips and methods.

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