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Connecta Fiction & Entertainment, since its creation, has developed and introduced innumerable TV content and tries to be certain of the entertainment it offers. This is why now it is evolving its relationship with other production houses and creating interesting content.

All that featured this year includes and expanded the Connecta Fiction starting from "Superman's Bodyguard" "Sisi" to Andreas Gutzeits's thriller "Disgrace" and "Hildur," and then comes "The Paradise" some fictional and some based on true historical events or personalities. Conecta Fiction & Entertainment, the Europe-Latin America TV networking forum, is all set for its seventh edition with its expounded vision and excitement.

Let us look at all of this year's creations of Conecta Fiction & Entertainment one by one.

The first look will be at the most interesting work, "Superman's Bodyguard," as it has been introduced by the same producers who have produced the Oscar Winning film "A Fantastic Woman," based on the life of a transgender waitress and singer. Superman's Bodyguard will take you on Christopher Reeve's precarious mission in Chile, where he is going to save 78 lives of the Chilean actors who are under the death threat from a right faction under the rule of Augusto Pinochet.

When we talk about Story House Pictures, then, they are introducing a fast-paced thriller called "Disgrace." The writer of this amazing masterpiece, yet to be handed over to the public, is Andreas Gutzeit, who has co-founded Story House and has earlier written amazing and critically acclaimed stories such as "Dignity" aired on HBO. One such Canneries 2021 hit, "Sisi," was gifted to the audience by him again and has been sold to over 120 countries.

Hildur talks about humanity and the life, and on the other hand, "The Paradise" is a Costa del Sol crime drama where the audience will see the reawakening of the life of its 60 years old Finnish detective. Other projects from big Spanish-language companies such as Zebra Producciones, from Big Amazon Original "El Cid," to Izen, Vertice 360, Shine Iberia, and Group Ganga projects are going to take place at Conecta Fictions.

The list does not seem to end here as further in the news, we have many names of several interesting and entertaining content which will be introduced at Conecta Fiction. "Chopin, the Series," a Mexico, Chile, and Germany co-productions, will be presented in the Conecta Fiction Pitch Music Series, one of the big budgeted plays between all the produced contents.

Another such piece of work which will eventually make everything interesting is the news that there will be an adaptation of the novel "Death in the Andes," from Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa by Peru's Josué Méndez, a film director and TV series writer.

There is no doubt that Conecta Fiction has expanded its wings a way larger and beyond the skies. Being on Latin America-Spain/France street and now to Lebanon. Geraldine Gonard, the Conecta Fiction director, has said at the Cannes Festival presentation that they are trying to create as much interesting content which will have a "focused more than ever" approach to creating opportunities for new talent and originating financing tools for producers as well. The government of Castilla-La Mancha, Fundación SGAE, Spain Film Commission, ICEX, and rights society DAMA have supported Conecta Fiction.

The list does not end here; Conecta Fiction will make its seventh edition as enormous as possible. From fiction, thriller, documentaries, action, and historical to comedy or Drama, they have experimented with everything and impressed the audience with each of their creations.

From series such as "The Drop," Floor 13," Numana," "Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown," and "Urban Ink," to Copro Series listing works like "Boys, The Series," "Disgrace," Get Pretty Barcelona," "Favàritx," "Hildur," "Labelled Red," "Death in the Andes" etc. All these previous presentations of Conecta Fiction form a picture of the reputation they maintain with their work.


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