• Does Google Voice hide your real number?
    Wednesday, 22 September

    Does Google Voice hide your real number

    What are causes behind Google Voice hide your Number

    Yes, Google Voice hides your actual number when you communicate with people. Google Voice is a free phone service offered by the company Google. Google Voice is a telecommunications service that works in concurrence with your existing phone service and offers a free secondary phone number with SMS capabilities, voicemail and other services. Once you are assigned a number where you are given a variety to choose from, you can add it with one or several cellular or landline phone numbers.

    • Utility of Google Voice number

    Therefore if you are wondering in voice menu does Google hide your real number then yes, it does. It comes in handy when you have more than a single phone and want to ensure that the necessary people in your life can find you easily; if they call your Voice number. You can set Voice on a ring on all of your phones.

    You can create a separate business phone number on your personal phone. It is helpful if you occasionally use phones. You can have a phone number to give to vendors and organizations you want to keep in touch with, which may sell the number to spam callers.

    • Decide what your content is shared and with whom

    The content that you save on Google is private and limited to you, from others, unless and until you choose to share it.

    The point is Google respects your privacy, and that is the way it should be. Google can only share your private content only when they have your permission.

    • Easy to control and view your data

    Google Voice settings dashboard gives you complete control over what you can let others see and what they cannot.

    • How can you get a Google Voice Number on your Computer

    • Open your web browser and make sure you connect to the internet. 

    • Go to the Google website.

    • When it prompts, sign in to your Google account.

    • Go through the terms of service and privacy policy if you want and accept it.

    • Then select the area code or city for your phone number. 

    • Google Voice does not allow you to set up a one-eight hundred number. 

    • You do not need to select an area code where you live if you do not want people to know your location in general.

    • Once you have the number you want, click Select. 

    • You need to connect your Google Voice number to your actual phone, so there is a place to route your calls. 

    • Once you have completed Google’s confirmation process, you are ready to start talking with your loved ones. 

    • Why to get a Google Voice number

    If you are thinking, Does Google Voice hide your real number, then this is exactly what you need to know-

    Google Voice has several features that might appeal to the average business user.

    Here are some of the Google Voice features that are relevant today. It has a free domestic calling, which means you can call or text anyone in the U.S. and Canada without any charge. Plus, it allows for group messaging, like other contemporary services.


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