Does OnePlus 10 Pro not Compatible with AT&T 5G Networks?

The whole tech world is abuzz with the release of OnePlus 10 Pro scheduled for 14th April 2022. People wait in anticipation as the release date gets closer and closer. But wait! Before you preorder this flagship phone, you need to get your facts straight. The past few months, even years, have been very chaotic, with 5G Networks being the center of attention in the tech world. How this is relevant to the launch of OnePlus 10 Pro will leave you surprised.

The situation OnePlus has established with AT&T is gaining momentum, and people are both confused and worried about the prospect of this launch in the U.S.A. When you get a new phone, you want the latest updated features. 4G was the latest technology and became popular among netizens. With the arrival of 5G tech, the requirement has been modified. And sadly, this new phone will not operate on AT&T's 5G network. To understand this, consider you put an AT&T 5G enabled sim card into this new phone. You will expect the phone to show the 5G symbol at the top and run on the frequency range provided by the network, but if you do this with the OnePlus 10 Pro, the device will not run on 5G. The maximum value this device can reach is 4G LTE. Why is this happening? Will there be a possible solution?

What Is AT&T's 5G Network & Why Can't You Use It On OnePlus Flagship?

When an upgrade is made, it usually comes with improved features and performance. This 5G network in communication and technology would bring faster connection to the internet and faster calls and information exchange facility. Now how is this specific network different than other 5th generation networks?

The previous technology runs on lower bandwidth 5th gen technology. This falls under the range of 600-900 Mhz. This is quite small compared to a network that will operate well above 24 GHz. The quality difference will be huge. The service that AT&T is providing works on the principle of 5G mmWave technology. What this technology does is it can provide higher-speed connectivity but over shorter distances. This means that if the network is set up in a particular area, the service can cover up to 7000 sq. meters of area. The mm in 5G mmWave would simply translate to an extremely high-frequency range. So even if the technology covers a shorter distance than previous technology. This 5G network can provide significantly high-quality services.

  • Instant Connection

  • High Speed of Download

  • Better Quality Downloads

  • Clear and Better Visual Display

  • Constant Service 

  • More Data Usage

And much more is available. In addition to this 5G mmWave technology, AT&T went further and expanded its niche to a little more and added sub-6 GHz bands. It is now clear that the company will keep improving and expanding its network, but since the latest technology of OnePlus will not work with it, people need to consider if spending 900 bucks is worth the buzz.

On the other hand, OnePlus's new flagship is compatible with the low band and mid-band 5G networks of other U.S based network providers. There is no compatibility with AT&T's 5G network because the technology needed to execute the design is very complicated and expensive. The whole process would be extremely expensive, from design to procurement to assembly, and the company can not work on such a product for now.

For now, OnePlus has only confirmed that it has no plans to support the concerned network anytime in the future. So before grabbing the next release, make sure you can at least avail all the features.


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