Does Outlook have own live chat

How to contact Outlook Chat Support

Are you facing issues when working with Outlook email and want to know how to get it fixed? Then you shall not panic as you happen to have landed at the right place. Here that will help you to know does Outlook have own live chat and get your issues resolved.

Now for the convenience of its users, the officials at Outlook have introduced various platforms that are 24/7 active. This indicates that Outlook welcomes its users any time irrespective of the time zone. The various platforms for Outlook are discussed below.

Listing the Different Platforms of Assistance by Outlook!

  1. The very first is the helpline number that is 24/7 active and gives on the spot assistance. Users can contact the number that is stated on the website using their phones. 

  2. Another way to get the help is Outlook chat support that is present under the “Contact Us” option. 

  3. Using social platforms is also another way to get the resolutions. 

Users have the option to use any single platform which they find comfortable. However, if you want to use Outlook chat support then you can follow the steps below to know how to make use of this platform.

Steps to Contact Experts on Outlook Chat Support!

  1. The very first step is to launch the preferred web browser and head over to from the search bar at the top. 

  2. From the login page that gets displayed, scroll down and choose the “Contact Us” option that is present at the bottom of the page. 

  3. You will now be asked to choose the preferred platform. Here you can select the “Chat support” option and a small chat window gets displayed on the bottom right corner of the page. 

  4. There you will see some computerised instructions, follow the same and after that an expert will be connecting with you. 

  5. He will then ask your concern. And you can explain the same that you are looking for. 

  6. You need to try the resolution provided to you and then share the feedback when your issue is resolved. 

Therefore, after following the steps above you get the answer on does Outlook have own live chat as you get in touch with the experts using chat support. The concerns that can be resolved are also discussed below.

Concerns Resolved by Outlook Customer Service!

  1. When the user is unable to log into the account. 

  2. When the user's Outlook email is not responding. 

And there are many other issues that can be resolved by experts of Outlook.

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