Does The EU urged Google and Facebook to label AI-generated content

Many social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been urged by the EU to tag AI-generated content and images to combat the fake news from Russia and the new packages of the same. Apart from this EU also warns Twitter to follow the latest digital content laws; otherwise, it will face swift sanction before 25 August.

The company name Elon Musk's quit the voluntary code of practice two weeks ago. Due to this, they need to bear the fine of 6% of the global revenue, i.e., £145 as a penalty according to the recent earnings. If they don't operate or work according to the digital services act, they will be banned across the EU.

The EU also urged Facebook to add more resources in the minority language content that verify in Eastern Europe. With this, the Russian disinformation campaign has a threat.

"Věra Jourová has also said that the citizens of Russia want to undermine the support of the public opinion of the EU citizens to support Ukraine as this is not business as usual."

"Sometimes, we need to protect our interests, our democracy, and ourselves also. I must say that you must support the claim to win the war and fight for it."

Věra Jourová

The EU is the leader in regulating the biggest tech companies. They are developing new laws for artificial intelligence along with the code of practice of more than 44 companies, such as TikTok and YouTube. This is the route for the companies to adapt to the new regulatory regime.

Twitter made the opposite move and decided to quit the voluntary code, with Jourová described on Monday as a "mistake."

Many users believe that the commission will not delay in making Twitter an example to show the DSA as teeth. Jourová said that Twitter chose the hard way, like the confrontation, which was noticed very much in the commission. The code of adapting the digital content codes is absolutely voluntary. If Twitter leaves the voluntary code, that makes no mistakes. Twitter has made compliance with EU law that is affecting vigorously and attracting a lot of attention from the viewers.

According to the EU, all companies must label the AI generate content in a valuable and meaningful way. This will help the users in scrolling the informative content as they are distracted by other things.

Users must be able to find clearly that "this is not human-generated content" and have the words like "this is a robot talking."

Jourová also says that this is appropriate for social media companies to fight with the potential dark side of artificial intelligence. The AI has the potential to provide you with fake voices, events, etc., in less than a second.

She also recently met with the chief executive of Google, Sunder Pichai, ten days ago and discussed if this technology is providing fake news or not. He replied, "Yes, this technology has fake news, but we are developing the technologies and will make AI better in the future."

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