Does TurboTax and CoinTracker partner on Crypto?

All about TurboTax and CoinTracker

There is no doubt that crypto is growing rapidly by the time. Users are not only investing in cryptocurrencies, but now they are using them for exchanging goods and services. People can use cryptocurrencies for purposes as well as to pay their bills as the crypto industry is growing rapidly and expanding its vertical to many other sectors, which is why TurboTax and coin tracker have partnered together to help and calculate the investor's crypto and tax transactions in one place. With this new partnership, investors can get many benefits, such as they can import up to 4,000 crypto and 10000 stock transactions to their TurboTax account. Here are a few important things to focus on:

  • All the crypto investors who are using a coin tracker can now import their crypto transactions to the TurboTax account that will make sure your taxes are done right. This will be a seamless process that will make things easy, fast and efficient. 

  • With this new partnership, there are many features added to the TurboTax account that let all the investor automatically sync their transactions across the exchanges and break them into short-term and long-term capital and ordinary income.

  • To track them down for easy tax management, investors can import up to 4000 crypto data into their TurboTax account.

  • The coin tracker and TurboTax partnership will save a lot of time for investors while accurately tracking transactions.

  • Through this partnership, investors can import from the top exchanges such as FTX.US, Gemini, coin base Pro, binance.US, etc. 

  • Turbotax can now track down all your wallet and transaction exchange to pull out the information of the entire portfolio that will make your tax filing a seamless experience.

  • Tax filers can seamlessly track down their cryptocurrency investments through the cion tracker and file their taxes quicker than before. 

  • More such features might be introduced further in the coming future to make it a hassle-free experience for all investors so that they do not waste much of their time by filing taxes and gathering information. 

Hence this was all the latest information regarding the TurboTax and coin tracker partnership. The information given above on TurboTax and cointracker partner on crypto is enough for all the users. However, if you still need details regarding anything not mentioned here, you can seek help from the TurboTax customer service.


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