Does Xbox Users are not Really Happy About New Dashboard Feature?

Xbox is one of the most suitable video gaming trademarks produced and modernized by Microsoft. This video game consists of five video game console and application that helps you to stream the Xbox Cloud gaming services. It also provides you with the best online gaming service, i.e., Network and Xbox Game Pass, and gets the development arm Xbox that has turned into a new Dashboard feature. Most users criticize the recent Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One update for the home interface.

Why Xbox users are not happy

You will observe the update that makes sweeping changes to the UI of Xboxes consoles. It comes with a company built to provide faster navigation and increases the customized and personalized categories. The prime reason for Xbox users' unhappiness with the new dashboard feature is as follows.

Many Xbox users are unsatisfied with the new User Interface that doesn't support the customized option, forcing them to see game advertisements.

Users of Xbox observed the first update in September 2022 when it was shared with Xbox insiders to perform the best video, which was pretty attractive then.

Many users have shared their concerns about not using the latest features in the Xbox, and its display power should be more effective.

Xbox has released a new look for its dashboard to an insider in the alpha that skips it ahead rink, and users are not happy with the consequences.

Xbox has spent a month and gathered the information, feedback and designed the UI overhaul with user feedback that comes in mid with the new features.

Get the new system update for July 2023:

When you check with the new system update in Xbox features, you will find certain details about the user Spiderwolfer that is a part of the new update. It is not able to move by using the tab and users asserted that it is not in the list of most played game. They said that the most played game is only Xbox that offers various options to use various tool. You will find the most played game tab including Fortnite, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, Roblox, Grand Theft Auto 5, Diablo 4, and etc.

Xbox Series S doesn’t hold back gaming:

You need to Xbox S series that has created the latest features and services that you can use to play the game while streaming a vide.  It doesn’t hold back the game within the simple Xbox dashboard, it always has been a problem for gamers on this platform. It makes the top complaint for users who need a simpler looking but can’t get it with Xbox s series.

Xbox’s Customized features:  

You will observe the customization for dynamic background features is useless, and it is nearly impossible to see the image while playing any game. Xbox doesn’t provide the best-customized service to help you find a relative benefit to set the game periodically on your device. You can’t usually maintain your dashboard using the personalized Xbox service.

If you wish to find more details about the new dashboard feature on Xbox, don’t hesitate to share your concern with the experts and clear your doubts certainly.  


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