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On the one hand, social media has introduced multiple advantages, such as a platform where people can showcase their talents and earn from them. However, being on social media has some disadvantages as well, and you have to face scams, bullying, hacking, and sometimes you even lose the account. You need to keep yourself away from all these situations and to keep the account safe, it is essential to know what things can be done to prevent them. Once you know the tips to keep your account away from all the troublesome situations, you will not face any challenges. Here are going to explain things that can be useful and are mandatory for you to know. 

5 ways to make your Facebook account bulletproof:

There are just 5 things you need to do that will keep your account safe from bugs and issues. So, whenever you are using Facebook, following certain guidelines is mandatory. Here are mentioned all of them below to make things convenient for you:

1. Change the Password: The first thing you can do whenever you witness any inconveniences with your account is to change the password. Changing the password nullifies any authority that anyone might have over your account and limits it to you. To change the password of the account, you need to know how to do it using different methods. Let us discuss some of the ways through which the password can be changed:

  • Change password via computer: If you have been using Facebook on the computer, then the password can be changed on it. You just have to follow the procedure mentioned below: 

    • Get to the Facebook account login page. 

    • Enter the email address with the password and click on log in. 

    • Click on the Account option given at the top right corner of the page.

    • Open the Settings and then click Settings and Privacy.

    • Pick Meta Account Center, and a new page will open.

    • Click on Password and Security and then on Change Password.

    • Enter the previous password and then the new one twice to the dedicated sections. 

    • Click on Change Password, and a confirmation will be sent via email.

  • Via Android: The password can be changed by using the same method that has been mentioned above, such as getting to the Meta Account Center. However, there are other quick ways that will make it easy for you as well. If you have forgotten the password of your Facebook account, then ti can be changed to a new one so the access to the account belongs only to you. Here mentioned the procedure you need to follow below: 

    • Open the Facebook application on your phone.

    • While logging into the account, you just need to click on Forgot Password.

    • Then, pick a phone number from all the given options on the page. 

    • A code will be sent to the registered phone number, and you need to enter that code on the page to change the password. 

    • Enter the new password with the code and click on Change Password. 

2. Two-Factor Authentication: If the account remains two-factor authenticated, then the account will remain extra saved. Go to Settings, select Meta Account Center, navigate to the Privacy section and click on Two Factor Authentication. Follow the instructions carefully to complete the process. The authentication will save the account from any outside interruptions and notify you immediately about it.

3. Login Alerts from Unrecognised Devices: You will find this service in the Settings section of the Facebook account, and whenever anyone from anywhere around the world tries to log in to your Facebook account, you will be informed about it. You will be informed about the login date, time and the location.

4. Conduct a Privacy Check-up: Do not forget to keep checking whether your privacy settings for the account are up to date or not. You need to be aware of all the updates your account is going through. Once you know that the account is following all the instructions and has been saved with all the privacy hacks in place, you will not face any cybercrime.

5. Stay Away from Suspicious Links on Facebook: While using Facebook, you get through a lot of posts and information. Some of them are not healthy and unrecognized, which can trap you in trouble. Avoiding these posts, accounts, and links is mandatory to keep the account. Make sure you do not click on any unwanted links provided to you on Facebook, whether via a message or post. All of them should be avoided, as the link can lead to the account being hacked. 

Conclusion: When you are required to save your Facebook account from all the mishappenings, troubles, or hacking, then there are some instructions, tips, and tricks that you need to follow to keep the account safe. Make sure you follow all the tips one by one and apply them to your account. p. 


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