Frontier Airlines Reservations

A brief guide on How to book Reservations on Frontier Airlines

Based in the USA, Frontier Airlines is among the cheap carriers and it is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States. The airline is pretty famous for its various deals, offers, and other features that it offers in its flights. It operates its magnificent services in more than 110+ destinations with a fleet size of 96 in both of its domestic and international flights.

This airline has recently renewed “Frontier miles” i.e. its frequent flyer program through which passengers can easily access its various offers and deals. So, if you are some who are looking forward to book Frontier Airlines reservations then read here to know more about the reservation process, types of classes and manage booking steps.

Type of Classes offered by Frontier Airlines in Its Flights

Basically, Frontier Airlines offer the following types of classes in its flights:

  • Basic Fare

This is the most basic Frontier Airlines class which does not include any extra services such as baggage, meals, beverages, additional discount, etc.

  • Economy

In this fare class, passengers will get to enjoy various amenities such as baggage, meals, extra discounts depending on the type of seat and other ticketing factors.

  • Classic

This fare class is quite similar to the Economy fare class but it includes much better and enjoyable features as compared to the former class. Moreover, passengers who book Class fare will get to enjoy much better discounts & deals on their flight tickets.

  • Classic Plus

Classic Plus fare classes are the standout amongst all the previous fare classes. Passengers can enjoy various complimentary amenities such as beverages, meals, discounts, baggage allowances, and much more.  They are also fully refundable fares and offers to stretch seating option to its passengers.

Hence, passengers can book their preferred fare options during the time of booking their Frontier Airlines Reservations. Read further to understand the online reservation booking procedure of Frontier Airlines.

Simple Steps to Book Reservations on Frontier Airlines Online

You can book Frontier Airlines reservations via many ways such as its reservations phone number, mobile app or official website. However, booking tickets on the website will save you lots of time as the booking procedure is pretty simple and quick. Here’s how.

  • First, navigate to the official website of Frontier Airlines in your web browser
  • Scroll to the Book A Flight section, and select the trip type such as one-way or round-trip
  • Now, enter your departure and arrival airport/cities in their respective fields
  • Enter the departure and return date in their respective fields. Do not enter the return date if you haven’t selected round-trip
  • Enter the number of passengers and then click on the Search button
  • Next, you’ll see all the available flights in accordance with your selected dates
  • Choose a flight and then move to the next page
  • Next, select your seats and enter the required passenger’s details
  • You’ll have to pay for the selected flights via using the appropriate payment method

Once you have completed the booking process, you’ll receive the booking confirmation email & text on your email address and phone number. Furthermore, you can also manage your bookings by following the steps listed below.

  • Open Frontier Airlines website
  • Scroll to the “My Trip/Check-In” section
  • Enter your surname and confirmation code in their respective sections
  • Click on the Search button that you can follow on-screen prompts to perform various tasks

Hence, this was all the information about Frontier Airlines reservations. Furthermore, you can contact its customer services to obtain more information.


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