Get informative facts about tribal culture if UCC is implemented

When it comes to all sections of society, it comes with effectiveness to obey the terms of the government. Likewise, Uniform Civil Code will be treated everyone irrespective of their religion and equally according to a national civil code. It will apply to all uniformly in India, and everyone has to follow the rule and regulations of UCC, which Prime Minister Modi declares. It finds as a directive principle in the constitution of India that refers to a common law related to Divorce, marriage, maintenance, inheritance, adoption, and succession of property to all citizens.

What will happen to tribal culture if UCC is implemented?

The UCC can affect everyone; therefore, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has reacted sharply to enacting a Uniform Civil code and asked what will happen to the cultural and traditions of tribal after such kind of law is implemented. Both have asserted their points regarding this new law and both and both have so many points to share to others as follows.

A strong speech of PM Modi for UCC:

PM Modi made a strong pitch for implementing the UCC with the worker or BJP, who is in full support of providing all possible things to maintain the new policy developed by the government. He said that the Constitution also mentions giving equal rights to all citizens in India, and we all need to understand this easy and trustful policy. But CM Baghel has denied this policy due to the different traditions and cultural in India.

Point of view of Hindu and Muslim by Baghel:

In Chhattisgarh, Baghel said that we have tribal people and must have all the decisions to save their traditions and colter in a positive belief and acceptance. He asserted what would happen to their opinions after applying such kind of orthodox rule through which they governed by their society. He also added that if the UCC is implemented, then what will be the existence of tradition and rule in the community when both will show the same religion?

Statement of congress leader about UCC:

The Congress leader Kamal Nath also said that several other caste groups have their own rules and always make their tradition according to their society. He added that our nation is like a beautiful bouquet with people who generally believe in different religions with different languages. They have a different follower with other traditions and cultures, which is important to control with the leadership in Chhattisgarh.

What is UCC in real sense?

Understand the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) concept that entails establishing a unified set of laws. It governs the personal matters that include marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption, applicable to all citizens regardless of their religious affiliation. It is essential to adhere to the rule of everyone, and it has been decided to make it functional by PM Modi during his speech addressing a gathering of BJP workers in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Importance of UCC: 

When the UCC is applied, it comes with the directive principle in the Constitution of government that has a deep history. It refers to a common law related to marriage, divorce, maintenance, inheritance, and property succession for all citizens in India


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