• How to do Google Account Recovery by Date of Birth
    Friday, 19 July, 2019

    Google Account Recovery by Date of Birth

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    Google account is a popular user account which is used by zillions of people to access various Google services. Further, one can also use this account for performing their day to day email activities. Hence, one can say that Google account serves as a master key to access various Google services and applications. However, there are times when the user faces some issues with the Google account, especially at the time recovery. Fortunately, one can easily this issue in time by following simple recovery steps.

    Further, there are many users who have a query on Google account recovery by date of birth. Well, for those who are not aware, users cannot recover their Google account using their date of birth. Besides, the users are provided with other alternatives that they can try to recover their account.

    Recover Google Account

    Hence, by following these simple steps one can easily recover their Google account. However, if the user still has queries regarding Google account recovery by date of birth they can directly contact Google support for assistance and easily access their account.

    • Firstly it is required to navigate to the recovery page.
    • Then, the user needs to enter the username of the Google account that they need to recover.
    • After that, the user is required to select a recovery option for the Google account recovery.
    • First, they can either provide the last password of their Google account and easily proceed with the process.
    • Further, the user can request for code on recovery email or phone number.
    • Besides, the user can simply opt for the security questions option. Once the user has selected the recovery option, their account will be verified and will be provided with the password reset option.
    • After that, required to create a password for their Google account and save the changes.

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