How to do Google Account Recovery by Date of Birth?

Resolved: Quick instructions to recover Google account password using the date of birth

Google account is a user account that works as an authenticator that one can use to access various Google services and products. Hence, ensuring the security of the account is essential. Moreover, to help out the users, the developers have even introduced various security features. Still, some users fail to access their accounts because of the forgotten password issue.

Thankfully, Google offers its users an option of google account recovery by date of birth that can help one to reset the account password and access email services without any interruption. 

So, for the users who are not aware about the recovery process, they can check out the quick steps mentioned here.

First Method to recover google account using Date of Birth:

Recovering Google account by using the date of birth

For the users who are not aware, google account recovery by date of birth is a recovery option where the user has created their security question to verify their account. So, for the users who have lost access to the alternative recovery options, they can answer the question and reset their account password.

Further, to help out the users with the process to recover their Google account password using the date of birth, they can go through the steps discussed here and regain access to their account.

Steps to recover the Google account password via the date of birth

To begin The google account recovery date of birth, the user needs to visit the official recovery page and follow the instructions listed below:

  • Then, the user needs to mention the email or phone number linked to the account. 

  • After that, the passengers required to skip all the recovery options until the birth date security questions option appears on the screen. 

  • Further, the user needs to provide their date of birth as the answer to one of their security questions. 

  • Now, the user needs to wait until their Google account is verified. 

  • After the Google account is verified, the user can create a new password for their account and save the same. 

  • And then, the user can access the Google account using the newly created password. 

Thus, this is how one can perform google account recovery date of birth. However, if the user has access to other alternative options, they can opt for the same and reset the account password. But, for any reason, if the user fails to recover their Google password, they can reach out to the support.

Second Method to recover google account using Date of Birth:

Contacting Google Support for Getting Solution on How to recover Google account using Date of Birth

In case if the user fails to reset the google account password, they can reach out to support for help or visit the google support page to seek the required help to reset the password using date of birth. Besides, the best part is that the user can reach out to the support 24X7 for help and reaccess their Google account.

So, this is complete info on how one can reset their Google account password via date of birth feature. Thus, for all the users failing to reset their account passwords, they can follow the guide and manage their account settings accordingly.




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