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Accumulate guidance to download reels from Facebook reels.

In this era of digitalization, technologies have been developed quite immensely and have brought multiple online platforms with which you can smoothly share videos and pictures and also communicate with anyone and from anywhere in the world. As of this, Facebook has newly launched Facebook reels for their user’s entertainment. Therefore, with the help of using Facebook reels, users have been allowed to upload their created short reels and also receive the option to edit and add songs to the Reel. Users have been permitted to download their personal reels along with the reels of other users, but there are different procedures attached to them, which you can see under the segment below.

How do you easily download your own reels on Facebook?

Suppose you have created your personal Facebook reel and uploaded it, but you also wish to download the uploaded Reel to your device for a backup; for such an event procedure, you need to read the following steps to get it done quite conveniently.

  • You are supposed first to open the Facebook application and then select the menu tab 

  • From here, click on the reel shortcut icon 

  • Now you have to choose a profile picture from the top right corner under the reels section 

  • Further, select the Reel that you want to download 

  • Next, tap over the 3 dot icon from the lower right side of the screen 

  • Here, select “Download reel” option 

  • Finally, the download for the Reel is complete, and you can look for it within your device gallery section.

What is the process to download a Facebook reel with music?

In case you need to learn the steps for download Facebook reels with attached music, there are also a few easy steps available here, which you can follow by just reading the section below and getting guided accordingly. 

  • First of all, you have to open the application of Facebook under your device. 

  • Then choose Reel to get downloaded, and from your profile section, “My Reels.”

  • Onscreen, you are shown the Reel, and there, on the same screen, click tap over the ellipsis button. 

  • From here, select the “copy link” button.

  • Note you should visit an online downloader site by browsing. 

  • Next, you will have to paste the copied link within the required field and hit the download option. 

  • You even receive the option to choose reel quality. 

  • Once it gets downloaded, you have to open the files application and navigate to the download button.

  • For the last step, you have to tap over the share video icon, and then you immediately get the save video option, which you can select and receive under your device.

What is the purpose of downloading the Facebook reel?

After the making of Facebook reels, there are various reasons that shoot up with the users, and those could be from downloading reels and saving them in the gallery. As with the use of reels, friends can quickly get the option to share with each other, but for that, the friend to whom the video has to be sent must have a social media account. More often, users do get the option to edit the downloaded Reel for creative or innovative content.


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