Easy Ways:How can I change my Flight Date Online in Qatar Airways?

When there are sudden changes in your plans, and you already have made a reservation with Qatar Airways, you can worry-free make changes in the flight date as per the requirement. Qatar Airways permits passengers to change the date of the existing flight straight from the site. There are a few policies imposed regarding the date change on a flight that you can learn about in the following context with the steps to change the flight date online.

What is the process for changing a flight date with Qatar Airways?

The process you seek to make changes in the scheduled date on your reservation with Qatar Airways is as follows:

  • Begin with accessing the homepage of Qatar in your browser,

  • You can see the tab of “Manage/Check-In” on the page,

  • Click on “Retrieve Booking” after mentioning the booking reference and last name,

  • Choose the concerned reservation and select the “change date” option,

  • In the popped-up window, mention the required date of the flight,

  • From the availability of flight options, you can choose the best-suited one,

  • Proceed with paying the allotted charges for the date change,

  • As the process completes, the new reservation details with your e-ticket will be sent to your email address.

What are the policies for changing a flight date online?

The policies that are imposed for changing the date of a reserved flight online have been mentioned here that you can consider:

  • The online date change time frame will be available in Qatar till 40 minutes before the departure time of the original reserved flight.

  • The Qatar Airways date change charges will be imposed on the tickets after 24 hours from the booking time. An individual who changes the tickets within 24 hours of the reservation time does not have to bear the charges.

  • The new fare of the flight can be more than the previously reserved flight ticket. So, the individual must pay the difference amount at the time of the flight date change. 

  • A person reserving the tickets from a third-party source cannot go for the online flight change in Qatar. They must contact the same source for the date change request. 

  • An individual ticket’s date cannot be changed when the reservation was made for multiple passengers.

What are the other methods for changing the Qatar Airways flight date?

Other than the online method, more methods are available for changing the flight date on your reserved Qatar Airways flight. The other methods are listed below:

  • Phone Call: In case the online method for changing the flight date does not work in your favor, you can speak with an official at Qatar customer service by making a phone call to the customer service team. As a person meets with your call, you must provide the details of your reservation and ask for the date change as needed. 

  • Ticket Counter: The individual can reach the ticket counter as well to request the date change on the reservation. The representative will take the reservation details, and based on your date preference, the booking can be updated right away.

Hence, when the schedule changes and you worry about the existing reservation, choose the Qatar Airways change flight date option following the method you prefer.


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