How can I earn money from Facebook reels?

We all spend our time on Facebook watching reels. But do you know that you can earn money from it also? Facebook Reels are short, fun, and inspiring videos with music, Audio, special effects, text, and much more. You can create them on the Facebook app with your mobile phone. Your reels are shared directly to your audience in the News Feed and to new users in the dedicated News Feed section, which allows them to discover new and creative content. If you are thinking, how can I earn money from Facebook reels? Then read the below information to know more.

Ways to earn money from Facebook reels-

Facebook reels were started in 2021 after the popular TikTok application was banned. Until 2021 it was restricted to the US only, but in 2022 it was introduced globally. Below you will find important tips to earn money from the reels.

The bonus program of Facebook reels-

  • Meta introduced their Reels play bonus program to help creators make money on Facebook as their audience views increase. 

  • It was introduced as a part of their $1 billion investment. 

  • This scheme pays at least $35,000 per month to the qualified content creators depending on the views on their eligible reels.

  • Those creators who fulfill the eligibility criteria of Facebook will get paid $35,000 per month. 

  • This scheme is provided to some creators in the United States.

  • This program offers a bonus if your reels get 1000 views in a period of 1 month.

Embedded Ads in the Reels-

  • Meta had introduced Facebook reels ads which are Non-interruptive advertisements and are now available in two formats: banner ads and sticker ads.

  • Banner ads are translucent advertisements that run at the bottom of the reel, and sticker ads are static images that can be put anywhere in the reels by the creators.

  •   The content creators will get 55%, and Facebook will get 45% from the total share of the revenue generated by these given ads on their reels.

Liked with stars-

According to the Meta sources, the viewer will be able to like the content creator reels by giving them Stars which is already happening in the live videos on Facebook. The creator will get one cent for each star they will receive from their audience.

What can you do to earn money on Facebook reels-

As the ways are already introduced above, the conclusion of how to make money by the given ways is to increase your audience base so that you can get views, stars, and sponsored advertisements by different businesses. For this, you can follow the following steps.

  • Be creative and use your imagination- while creating your content, use your imaginative skills and try to follow the current songs, AR effects, and other methods to make your reel attractive to gain engagement from the audience.

  • Share your reels on groups- after you create a reel, a simple posting will only get you some views, but you can boost it by sharing them on Whatsapp and Facebook groups. 

  • Create relatable content for the audience- you should know your audience base to create more relatable content.

  • Use storytelling on reels-You can attract the audience by telling a good story through your reel, so make a script and give a climax to the story.




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