How can I get destination alert in train?

Can I get a destination alert on the train? How?

Are you facing problems due to not reaching at a time at the destination on the train? In addition, also, at night, you can’t even know which station you are arriving at or not. However, the airlines can make plans and make their way to ON the train's destination alert. Therefore, you can easily get the alert on your phone 20 minutes before reaching the station. So, here, you will get the How to get a destination alert from the train? In addition, in this way, you can easily get the notification and alert from the train customer service by calling. That, you will see there.

Ways of getting a destination alert on the train

Therefore, the feature of a destination alert on the train is only available for those who are traveling on a long-distance journey. In addition, you can only get this feature between 10 pm to 6 am. So, if you want, here you will see the ways of turning on the alert by the following methods that are mentioned here:

Destination alert through online mode:

However, if you want to ON the notification or alert mode online, follow the steps are:

  • Open the website of the train 

  • Subscribe to the page on the train

  • Then, look for the select the button to the destination alert 

  • After that, the alert will on 

  • However, then, you will get an alert call from the train customer service.

In addition, there has another mode of the alert by the IVR process that you will see below are mentioned here:

By IVR method to Destination Alert

In addition, there has an IVR method of making the Destination Alert, and that is the IVR process, for that, follow the below mention points:

  • Pick your mobile and dial 139 to set the destination alert

  • Choose the language by clicking the right

  • Then, you have to select the option of the IVR method by pressing 7.

  • However, here you must click on the 2 button to ON the alert destination

  • After that, you must enter 10 digit PNR Number and, confirm it by pressing 1.

Alert Destination by SMS app:

Therefore, there has another method of destination alert and that is the SMS app. However, with this you have to open the SMS app>>>write 139>>>send it to the train. After that, you will ON your destination alert.

Thus, if you face any problem, you have to call the train customer service and ask about your problem and solve it promptly


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