How can I install Mediacom Internet myself

Mediacom provides a very fast internet speed at an affordable price. They have done fairly well to increase their customer base. They have been largely successful in this field because of the services they have offered to their customers.

Some of you may ask, can I install Mediacom Internet? So answer is Yes, they generally provide two options regarding the installation of the Mediacom internet services. Customers can take the help of professionals who will charge a one-time installation fee, or they can install it through self-service.

The process of self-installation of Mediacom internet

It is done either through store pickup or delivery by mail. The installation kit has to be picked up at their available stores. Once you get the kit, you have to make sure that everything is available in the kit .you have first to set up the modem and router. For that, you need to have a cable outlet. If you previously had the cabled internet, you might have this cable outlet, but if there is no cable outlet, you can not self-install the Mediacom. You have to take the help of professionals of Mediacom. If there is a cable outlet, then you have to follow the given instructions.

  1. First, you have to make a primary connection, and then you have to locate a coaxial cable jumper in the installation kit. Now you have to connect the modem with the nearest cable outlet.
  2. Generally, the wall outlet is already in connection with the T.V. in that case; you will need a splitter to access Mediacom internet.
  3. A splitter is needed to connect the line that goes into your T.V. directly; the T.V. lines connect with the 'out' ports on the splitter that comes with the kit.
  4. The splitter has multiple ports, and the other port will be used to connect the Mediacom modem. Here you will need two jumpers if your splitter is involved.
  5. The second jumper has to be connected 'In' port of the splitter to your wall outlet. This way, your Mediacom modem, and your T.V. will get connected.
  6. After this setting, you have to connect the modem to your computer. for this, you can use a USB cable or Ethernet.

Once the modem is connected, you have to activate it. The process to activate your modem is very simple. You can do it with the help of Customer Executive Service. You have to simply connect to them on the phone and tell them to activate your modem. You can do it by yourself. You have to open your favorite browser. Your browser will automatically take you to the Mediacom Modem Activation Page. You just have to enter the account number that will be written on the kit. Once you enter the details, your internet will begin to work.

The process to set up your Mediacom Wi-Fi.

  1. You have to connect your Mediacom router to a power source.
  2. Now you have to switch it on and wait until it completely turns on. 
  3. You need to connect your router to the modem. You will need an extra Ethernet cable to connect the two.

If you want to connect wirelessly, then you have to use the default password for the first time. You will find it printed on the back of the device. You have to enter the password, and then your router and modem will connect wirelessly.

Once you are connected, you have to access the Mediacom Home Network Manager. This will take you to the router's control center. You have to sign in with your Mediacom Id and Password. You can control anything from here. You can change the password, configure the router and also change the user id. This way, you can easily install Mediacom's internet.


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