How can I recover my Yahoo password without phone number?

Learn to recover your Yahoo password without a phone number

Yahoo is used as a search engine or to share web mail. When you are using a yahoo account, but for some reason, you are unable to get into your account and haven't provided a phone number to the receiver account. Then worry not that because when you read here, you might have sufficient knowledge to recover your yahoo account.

Ways to recover Yahoo password without using Phone Number

1- Yahoo account recover via email

2- Yahoo account recover via security questions

Yahoo account recover via email

If you haven't provided a phone number in your yahoo account, you can receive your account by the alternate email ID. And the steps to conduct the process have been demonstrated beneath:-

  • Open yahoo in a search engine or application 

  • Then click on the sign-in option,

  • Now enter the username and click on the next icon.

  • On the next tab, click on forget my password.

  • Further, choose the email option and click on confirm the option 

  • Later, enter the verification number and click the next icon.

  • You have to type the new password twice and click the confirm icon.

  • Later, sign in to your account by using the new password.

Yahoo account recover via security questions

If you cannot recover your yahoo account through email, then by answering the question you set earlier, you can also recover your account. And the guide to conducting this process has been stated beneath:-

  • Get to yahoo, either by application or search engine.

  • Now, type your username, and click on the next options.

  • Then click on forgot my password option.

  • After that, click on the security questions options.

  • Further, you have to answer the questions you submitted earlier.

  • Then you enter your new password two times and click on confirm options.

  • You can enter with the new credentials when the steps have been completed.

Guidelines to secure your yahoo account 

If you cannot use your yahoo account due to forgetting a password or your account getting hacked and using any of the modes stated above, you are recovering your account. Then read to the points raised beneath, and applying those, you might be able to secure your yahoo account.

  • When you have recovered your account, you have to enable the two-factor verification mode, and that option you can get in your account setting.

  • While creating the new password, avoid setting the basic one and create a strong password. By this, your account gets secured.

  • Check your yahoo history regularly, and with that, you get to know about the time of using your account with the IP address on which it has been logged and locations.

  • Avoid opening fake emails and publishing emails because your account details get shared with others when you have used them.

  • When you forward your email repeatedly, you should keep track, and you can check by getting to the forward setting. And if any email address is not recognized, you can remove it.

  • Try to update the recovery information from time to time so that whenever you need to change or recover your account, then it can be conducted easily.

Hence, while reading here, you might be able to achieve information regarding recovering Yahoo password without phone number and tips to secure the yahoo account. But when your issue is not solved, you can reach out to the customer service team and get the resolutions.


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