How can I switch my Yahoo email to Gmail

Is it possible to switch Yahoo email to Gmail?

Well if you are looking for ways to change Or switch from a yahoo email address then you have come to the exact right place. After the recent release of the yahoo email hack, it is highly advisable to make the appropriate changes now.

Does the question arise how one can change or switch between email accounts? Like yahoo email to Gmail ? Well, it is not rocket science and is easy to crack. We are also about to share the steps that one may take in order to go about the changes or switch, to be precise. So stick around and follow until the end.

So let us first consider the options available for switching. There are two options available for the same and are Outlook or Google.

Users may stick either with a Google account or an outlook account for switching from the Yahoo email domain.

In order to switch your email account from yahoo to Gmail, users are advised to stick to importing contacts and old email messages.

This is the first basic step towards switching from an old email account to another. Users are required to make sure that they are able to make the desired changes and must also ensure that they have imported their contact and email. 

The next best thing to do is to actually perform the switch between the accounts. Users are required to switch from Yahoo to Gmail.

For doing so, users are required to stick to the steps mentioned down under:

  • Select the settings option on the page. 

  • Select the accounts and import tab and then choose the option that reads import mail and contacts. 

  • Users are required to follow the on-screen instructions that they see and proceed further. 

  • In the end, select the start import option.

Once the switch between the accounts is complete, Gmail will make sure that new emails are forwarded to your new Google account for 30 days. This feature will allow you some time to inform people about your new email address which you have taken after switching to Google email.

Another major thing that you may resort to as a user is to start email forwarding on your new Gmail address.

For this users are required to stick to the steps that are mentioned down under:

  • Navigate to the settings option. 

  • Select the accounts option followed by the primary account. 

  • Select the forward option on another tab. 

  • Users are required to enter the email address where they wish to forward the emails. 

  • Select the best suitable option among store and forward or Store and forward and mark as read. 

  • Next, users are required to verify the forwarding email address and then finally hit the save option.

I hope this helps with how can I switch my Yahoo email to Gmail, for more details as such keep following this space.

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