How can I text on board with Alaska Airlines flights?-Send SMS/Text

In case a person has booked for the first time with Alaska Airline flights and might get some urgent work on board for which they are curious, can I send a text on Alaska Airlines flights, or if I can send a text, then how will I be able to do so? In this situation, the passengers are advised to read the information provided in this blog to use this texting facility.

Can I send a text on Alaska Airlines flights?

Yes, you can use Alaska texting facility to send messages to anyone for whom you need to stay connected with the in-flight internet services.

  • Since this texting service is free, travelers are not required to purchase it, and now data charges will apply to them.

  • This free texting service works with some applications like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp mobile app, but you need to ensure that you have any of these applications on your smartphone before you board your scheduled flight so that you can use these applications for texting to someone.

  • In this free messaging facility, passengers are advised to fill their text with emojis and words since they are not allowed to share images, videos, or SMS messages as it will not be supported. In case you are flying on a heavy wifi usage flight and your text has not been sent immediately, then you are recommended to wait for a few minutes and try to send your message again.

  • Passengers can only chat in the situation when the inflight internet is available on board. In case you want more information regarding which flight internet or wifi are being offered, then you can visit the wifi page of Alaska Airlines.

How can you text on Alaska Airlines?

If you want to know how the free texting works on Alaska Airlines flights, then you have to follow the given instructions to use this feature:

Text to Alaska Airlines with Step by Step

  • For the first step, you need to turn on the wifi on your smartphone.

  • After that, you have to connect with the “” network.

  • Now, you have to launch a web browser wherein you must visit

  • Then, select the option of “free texting”.

  • Enjoy the high-speed internet.

Terms and conditions to send Text on Alaska Airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines provides free texting service in their coverage area of flights wherein inflight internet is available. The availability of this texting service on other scheduled flights might vary.

  • With Alaska Airlines flights, passengers are not required to purchase the internet to use this free texting facility.

  • In this facility, you are only allowed to send text, and you cannot share photos or videos since it is not supported.

  • The airline does not guarantee the speed and performance of messaging to someone.

  • Travelers need to have smartphones to use this service.

  • This free texting service is subject to wifi onboard.


Travelers who want to enjoy the free texting service to share their message with someone need to use the in-flight wifi on board, for which you can take the reference from this document to learn the procedure and policy for sending text.


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