How can I track the location of a mobile phone?

You can track the location of a mobile if the device is connected to the Wifi or mobile data. In order to find the device, you need to make sure that device must have signed in to a Google account.

  • You need to check that your device location has been turned on.

  • You have to turn on the find my device option.

  • Your device must be visible on google play. 

  • You need to check that the store's recent location is on. 

How can I track the location of a mobile phone through an App?

You can track the location of a mobile phone via an App that is called Find My Device App. The app will help you in checking your phone's recent location, and it will show you the map on the device that shows a particular landmark near which the phone has been found. From the app store, you can download the app free of cost.

  • You need to open the find my device app on your phone.

  • At the home screen, choose the Google account you used to take the service.

  • After that, click on the continue button, fill in your Google account password, and tap the sign-in button.

  • Now you can give location access to the services.

  • Finally, upon completing your process, you can see a list of devices on your app connected to your Google account. 

  • Last, tap on your phone from the list, and it will show you the current location via a location map.

You can also erase, lock, or remove important data from your phone without touching it so that any data will not go into the wrong hands.

How can I lock my phone to find my device?

The lock option will lock your phone completely, and it will let you reset a new password to unlock your phone so that another user cannot open your phone. Moreover, it has the option of displaying a message on your lock screen and adding a callback button so that you can receive a call back from your number from the person that has found your phone. You can follow the below-mentioned phone lock procedure via find my device.

  • First, open the find my device app, and the list of phones will be displayed.

  • After that, you can locate your phone and click the lock option.

  • Now write a message and phone number to show on the lock screen, then click on the lock. 

  • Finally, you have locked your phone; once you get it, you need to enter your password to reopen it. 

How can you erase your lost phone data remotely?

In case you have lost your phone, then you have a chance to erase all the important credentials from your phone. With the lost option, you can also delete data from a connected SD card. If your phone is switched off, you can also give the command erase, which will remove every other data from your phone once it gets switched on.

So the answer to your question: How can I track the location of a mobile phone? Already mentioned above, as well as other queries also mentioned so that you can clarify all the doubts. 


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