How can I use Google Lens without App?

Google Lens is a powerful visual search tool that allows users to search for information, translate text, and even scan QR codes by simply pointing their camera at an object. While it is typically accessed through the Google Photos or Google Assistant apps, there are a few ways to use Google Lens without app. If you are unsure, read the complete information below to understand it.

Different ways of using Google lens without the app

Following are the different ways you can use Google lens without an app. You can use any of these as per your choice and requirement.

Using Google lens without the app

  • Via Google search widget
  • Via Google chrome browser
  • Use Within Google maps
  • As a standalone app

Use Google Lens via Google search widget

One way to use Google Lens without the app is through the Google Search widget on your home screen. Tap the widget, point your camera at the object you want to search for, and Google will automatically recognize the object and display relevant information. This method can be particularly useful for quickly identifying a plant or finding out more about a piece of art.

Use Google Lens via Google chrome browser 

Another way to use Google Lens without the app is through your smartphone's Chrome browser. Navigate to the website you want to search, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, and select "Search Google for this image." It will open Google Lens and allow you to search for information about the selected image.

Use Google Lens within Google maps.

You can also use Google Lens within Google Maps. Open the app, tap on the map and then press and hold the location you want to search. This will open a card with information about the location and a "See more" option that will open Google Lens to show you more information about the location.

Use Google Lens as a standalone app

Google Lens is also integrated into some Android smartphones as a standalone app or as part of Google Assistant. You can open Google Lens by holding down the home button or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen on some devices.

In conclusion, there are several ways to use Google Lens without app. You must be aware of it by reading the information above. Moreover, the methods above allow users to quickly and easily access the powerful visual search capabilities of Google Lens, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to access information on the go. Moreover, in case you are left with any further doubt or additional information required, you can contact google customer service directly. 



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