How do I add two-step verification on Facebook?

Facebook is a well-defined social media tool that allows various users to connect with others. People share their ideas or even get information from other users in the form of text on the same Facebook platform. If any users want to know about Facebook two step verification, they should focus on this blog in detail. Well-known social media platforms like Facebook usually offer 2-step verification, which ensures that users' accounts are entirely secure.

Use the online method to add two-step verification on Facebook:

Almost every user who uses Facebook would like to prefer the online method as it is convenient to use. It is also commonly called two-factor authentication/ F2 on Facebook. However, users should focus on the detailed information carefully to avail of two-step verification on Facebook.

Use Android to avail of Facebook Two-step verification:

When users use an Android phone for Facebook, they can follow some essential steps to add 2-step verification security to their accounts.

  • Users can open their Facebook accounts on Android smartphones.

  • They can click on the list icon from the top right corner.

  • They should scroll down and choose "Setting" under "Setting & Privacy" options.

  • Users now tap to password ad security and scroll down and click on "Two-step verification".

  • They can choose the security method that they want to add and follow the Authentic App or text message option for successful two-step verification.

Basic Mobile Browser to add two-step verification:

If users use a simple mobile that supports Facebook can also add two-step verification. However, they must follow the specific instructions carefully to avail of two-step verification.

  • Initially, users open their Facebook page on the Basic mobile.

  • They should scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Setting and Privacy" option.

  • Now, they can tap on "Password and Security," and it will take them to a new screen.

  • Users can scroll down to the bottom and tap the "Use two-step verification" options and again enter their password to add it.

  • Finally, they must use the "Text messages/SMS" or "Authentic App" option of their choice to add two-step verification conveniently.

Use the Computer to get Two-step verification:

If users are using Facebook on the Computer and want to get two-step verification options, they should adhere to some specific steps carefully.

  • Users can go to the Facebook standard website and log in to their accounts.

  • They can scroll down and select "two-step verification" options and click on "Edit".

  • Now, they choose the security method as per their choice with the help of a compatible device security key. Authentic App or SMS code on the mobile Phone.

  • After completing the process user's two-step verification is completed successfully.

What are the benefits of using two-step verification on Facebook?

Many times, it comes to users' minds why they should choose two-step verification and what its importance is in the current scenario. Nowadays, several hidden, undesired information is provided in the form of text or content that can be malicious for users' Facebook official accounts. Users prefer two-step verification only because they want to protect and keep their official accounts safe from hackers.

Thus, all the information shared regarding the two-step verification on Computer, basic mobile, and Android is correct.


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