• How Do I Cancel Yahoo Plus Support ?
    Wednesday, 29 June, 2022

    How Do I Cancel Yahoo Plus Support

    What is the simple methods to cancel Yahoo Support

    Yahoo Plus Support provides you complete customer service on the spot. There is no need to worry if you encounter any glitch with Yahoo services. But if you don't get satisfaction with Yahoo Plus support service, you can contact Yahoo to cancel your subscription. Though you get immediate assistance with the subscription and hassle-free services, you can enjoy the plan by paying a certain fee.

    Also, if you contact Yahoo support within 14 days of the initial monthly subscription or annual plan purchase, you can request a refund. Moreover, the same rule applies to annual subscription renewal to request a refund. You need to know that only one refund per customer. And you are eligible for a refund if and only you purchase the plan online from the official Yahoo website. Besides, if you buy it from App Store or Google Play, the subscription refund policy may affect their policies.

    But if you wonder how do I cancel Yahoo Plus support, you can do that either using the mobile app or on a web browser. The process is simple, and you can do that easily. Yet, to make it simpler, this post has brought you a step-by-step manual to cancel your Yahoo Plus Support subscription.

    How to Cancel Yahoo Plus Support Subscription on Mobile App?

    • To start with, you need to open your Yahoo Mail app on your mobile.

    • Then you should select the Profile icon and go to the Settings.

    • There you have to choose the Manage Subscription option.

    • After that, by clicking the Cancel Subscription option, you can cancel your Yahoo Plus Support.

    • In this way, you can follow the instructions appearing on the screen and complete the process.

    With this, you can cancel your support plan on Yahoo without seeing any problem. After implementing the above steps, you won't be wondering how do I cancel Yahoo Plus support. On the off chance you can't do it via a mobile app, try to do it on the website. The given manual will help you to cancel your subscription easily on the website.

    How to Cancel Yahoo Plus Support Subscription on Desktop Browser?

    • At first, you have to open a browser on your system.

    • Then you need to select Yahoo Mail Payments.

    • There you should select the Cancel Service option.

    • After that, by following the onscreen instructions, you need to complete the service.

    • Lastly, you'll get a confirmation email for the cancellation of your subscription.

    With this, you can cancel your subscription on Yahoo Plus Support without seeing any problem. Also, you won't be wondering how do I cancel Yahoo Plus support. Above all, if you face any trouble while doing the above steps, you can connect with a technical expert. The support team helps you thoroughly by giving you all information and canceling your Yahoo Plus Support plan. Thus, you can make a phone call to contact the tech support team of Yahoo and cancel the subscription. Additionally, the technical experts are available around the clock and offer you immediate assistance.


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  • Carla Gregg | Saturday, 17 December
  • I have canceled my Yahoo plus membership twice through the app and I am still being charged :/

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  • I need to cancel yahoo security

  • Susan Lee | Wednesday, 31 August, 2022
  • I need to cancel Yahoo Plus Support , I never requested it and my credit card is being charged every month.

  • alexander baillie | Tuesday, 23 August, 2022
  • cancel yahoo plus now

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  • cancel yahoo plus now

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  • do you have a phone number where I can talk to a perason

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