How do i change name on my Facebook Account?

Change name on Facebook account

Having a social media account is reasonable in today's world as it will give you information about the things going on worldwide, and the user can get in touch with the other user. Facebook is a platform that helps users do many things like posting things, sharing thoughts, and sending messages. Comment on other users' posts etc. The user can do all these things by creating an account on Facebook.

While creating an account, the user fills out some wrong information regarding their name, and after some time, they want to make changes to that. There are various types of name changes that allow the officials representative of Facebook like change username, change profile name, and change facebook book page name. If you want to know the detailed information about the name change, you need to read below.

You have to follow the steps to change your Facebook page name are given below.

  • First, you have to open Facebook, fill out the user name, and password in the given space, and log in to your Facebook page account.

  • Next, click on the profile option from the top right corner of the screen.

  • Now click on the edit profile name option, and you can see all the things that you can edit, like your page name, user name, city, and preferred language.  

  • Following, click on the Facebook page name change and make the changes in the page name according to your preference.

  • Further, click on save changes, and you will get a message of successfully change in the name of the Facebook page.

The process you need to follow to change the name of your Facebook profile

  • Log in to your account by filling out the login details

  • Now you have to go to settings and select the profile name change tab

  • After this, mention the new name with correct spellings, and you need to verify the one more time.

  • After this, you need to click to save that name and log out of that account.

  • Last you have to log in to the account one more time after a few moments and check the name is successfully changed.

Ways to connect with a representative to make a change in name changes in the name are mentioned below.

The procedure, as mentioned earlier, you will get the information about the change name on my Facebook account. If you face any problem, you need to contact the official representative of Facebook.


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