How do I completely format my laptop?

Formatting the system helps them in terms of fast working, freeing the space, etc. Suppose if there are specific problems you are facing while using the laptop, it is because of a virus present in the device, and this virus can easily be removed by formatting the device. If case if you are using Windows 10 and you want to update it, the also format option helps you. Formatting helps the device to make it refresh entirely and new as it deletes all the unwanted files and documents. If you have complete information about formatting the laptop, it is good, but if you want to know the detailed information about this, you need to read below.

Different ways to format the laptop are mentioned below.

Format the system by Reset

It is the quickest way; if you want to go this way, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • In the initial step, open your device and click to start menu button.

  • Next, you need to go to the settings option.

  • After opening the setting, select the update and security.

  • Now you need to the recovery tab and then check the available options reset the device, back up your files, advanced startup, and more recovery options.

  • Last you need to click to start button, and you can see two options keep my files and remove everything.

  • If you select the keep my files, the system will delete only the selected files as it is harmful if you want to sell the device, then the other person will efficiently operate your files.

  • If you select remove everything, all the files, including pictures, games, apps, documents, and data, will be removed; this is a beneficial option if you want to format your device completely.

  • After the option from above, you will get a confirmation message to reset the device you need to click to agree.

Format Computer without installing the USB/CD

It is another way as well, and by using this way, you do not need to install any USB/CD or any other thing; you can do it following the steps given below.

  • At first, you need to start your computer, and before opening the window, you need to press f8 or f11

  • The following system recovery page will open; click to next, and you can see two options on-screen make a backup or want to make a backup; choose an option.

  • You need to select an option, but it is better to do not to make a backup and format the complete device.

  • Then your device starts formatting; you do not need to press any until the process gets complete.

  • Last you need to restart your laptop and wait for a few moments until its starts correctly.

By following the above ways, you will be able to know, how do I completely format my laptop. Suppose you are still unable to format your laptop, or if there is any other query that remains unsolved, you can also contact the official representative of your laptop. They will help you and provide suitable solutions to your problems, and you can contact them through any suitable way like a phone call, email, etc. 

Similar Queries

Q- Can I format my laptop by myself?

Yes, you can format your laptop, but the formatting procedure of a laptop depends on the type of window that has been installed on your laptop. Here are the steps for the laptop formatting 

  • Open your laptop and get in the start menu option located at the bottom left of the screen.

  • There you have to find the setting option. Once find then click on that

  • Then slide the update and security menu optio from the left of the setting option

  • When you see at the bottom of that option you get the recovery option, choose and open the recovery tab

  • On the recovery tab, you get the options like, reset this pc, Advance startup, more recovery options, and back up your files. Tap on the rest of this pc

  • Now, you have to choose between keeping my files or removing everything; select any of the following options.

  • After selecting any of the options, you have to tap on next and follow the procedure for the same.

  • Once the process is completed, restart the laptop and get your laptop clean.

Q- Is formatting a laptop good?

There can also be a significant benefit from the laptop formatting that you get all the files if there is any court file in your system for the malware that also gets cleaned. This might be a reason which makes your system slow. So after getting rid of the files, your system might work fast and smoothly. You also get the space in your hard drive as there are the unnecessary files that might be getting your laptop to get packed. Getting the formatting laptop is good or bad. This decision depends on your needs and the condition of your laptop. And if your laptop requires, then it is good that you have to choose to format it.

Although this article answers these queries about how to format laptop, it has been written with the procedure and benefits of having to format your laptop. And then you have anything to ask, then get the Microsoft customer support



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