How do i Create Business Page on Facebook?

All about Facebook business account

Facebook is a trusted social media platform with over 2 billion users. The platform is ideally made to share videos, and images, and majorly connect with the community. The initiative is praised by many as it makes it easy for your to connect with someone sitting on the other side of the world.

Now, Facebook also has the services to boost your business. All you have to do is to create a page solely based on your business ideas and as the platform has a wide audience, which will buy your product. If you wish to create business page on Facebook then you should refer to this page as this page contains all the necessary information on the Facebook business manager account.

How to create a Facebook business manager account?

It is very easy to create a Facebook business manager but all you require is an initial regular Facebook account. This is the only requirement for creating a business manager account. And now the steps to create a Facebook business manager account are written below:

Ways to create a Facebook business manager account.

Create Facebook Business Account through the desktop

  • The very first step to creating your business account is to open your regular Facebook profile. 

  • You will find the option of “Create” and then choose your page on the official homepage of Facebook. 

  • Now, name your page. The name should be creative, catchy, and also associated with your business. 

  • Then, add a category to describe your page. This relates to what you are going to share on your business page. 

  • Enter all of the information as per your business such as the address, and contact information. 

  • Hit the “continue” button. 

  • Now, you can customize your Facebook business manager account. 

  • You should add a profile photo to your page and then select next to move to a later step. 

  • Then, add a cover photo to your page. 

Note - If you don’t wish to add your profile photo and the clever page at that moment. Then, you can click on the “skip” option. 

  • When you are done with all of the steps, Select Next to go to your new business page. 

Create Facebook Business Account via Mobile

  • The primary step is to open your News feed in the Facebook application.

  • Then, go ahead and tap on the Pages icon. 

Note - You can also tap on the menu icon and then choose to select Pages.

  • Thereafter, tap on the create page to create yourself a business page. 

  • Then to start ahead with your Facebook business page, click on the “Get Started” option. 

  • Now, add the name of your page and choose up to three categories to describe your page, and click on the “Next” option.

  • You can now add the address to your page to make it easier for people to find your business. 

  • If not, then you can easily tap on “I don’t want to add an address.” and then click on the next option. If you would want to do this step later then click on the “Skip” option. 

  • You can hereafter add a profile photo to your page and complete the making of your Facebook Business Manager account or page.

What are the benefits of a Facebook Business Account?

Now, one can easily create your Facebook Business Manager account, but it is very best if you know the benefits of a business account. If you are unaware of the benefits too then you should refer to the points written below:

You can easily separate both your personal and professional accounts. 

Now, if you have a different business manager account then it becomes very easy for your to separate your personal and professional life and easily manage the two.

East to prepare Business reports

With the tools of a Facebook business manager account, you can easily present your business work report and make the management reports with the help of several customized tools.

Manage the control 

Facebook helps businesses to manage and have control over their Facebook ad campaign. The business account also helps in managing projects and partners. Running an ad campaign is an initiative to grow your business and gain a wider audience.

Supporting the Business 

Facebook has everything that helps in growing a business. It is a 360-degree toolkit, from managing the business forces to the workforce activity and growing the business. The Facebook business manager is considered to be the best tool for the digital marketing initiative and the business's vision.

Who can access the Facebook business manager account? 

There is no ban on creating a Facebook business manager account. Anyone can create a business manager account but it is ideal for a business that has a workforce and external forces. The businesses where there are project handling which comes with a full-fledged team.

Bottom Line

This is related to create business page on Facebook. If you have any doubts or come across any problem then you can easily communicate and chat with the customer care services of Facebook. You can contact them at any time. 


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