How do I download Instagram reels to my Gallery?

Instagram is a social media platform where people connect with each other or share the posts; if you use Instagram, then you know that there are new features where any individual can record themself and post them for entertainment, and those are known as Instagram reels.

So here, you will find the methods to download Instagram reels to your gallery when you like those reels or need to get them instantly.

Different Ways to Download Instagram Reels

Methods to download Instagram reels to the gallery:-

If you want to download the Instagram reels to your gallery, then there are many different ways that you can use and for all devices that are various methods that are mentioned below, and follow:-

Download Instagram Reels for Android users :-

  • To begin with, by visiting the ‘Google Play Store’ and download the ‘video downloader for Instagram, story saver’ app. 

  • When the application is downloaded and installed, then open that and access the account accordingly. 

  • Now, when you open the Instagram app then, go to Reels and select anyone that you download. 

  • When you select that and play then, you can see three dots icon on the bottom right side, and then click on that to open. 

  • Then, click on the copy link and then, open the applications that are installed, and then the URL of the reel that was copied will be pasted there automatically. 

  • Click on download and then search for the reel video that you have saved in your gallery. 

Download Instagram Reels for IOS users:-

  • You must visit Apple’s App Store and then download the inSaver for Instagram applications. 

  • Now, when you download and install the app then, open that and set all the details accordingly. 

  • Then, move to the Instagram app and choose the reel video that you want to get or download. 

  • When the reel starts playing then, tap on the three dots icon that appears on the screen and select the copy link option.

  • After that, you are required to open Insaver for the Instagram app and then the URL of the reels that you copied and paste that there automatically. 

  • Click on Watch it, then tap the options and share buttons on your screen, and then you have to click on Save video, and lastly, you can find that reel in your gallery. 

Hope that all the details that are mentioned above related to downloading Instagram reels to the gallery will be the best and most advantageous for you. If you need to get to more details, then directly get connect with an expert and resolve the problems.

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