How do I file a complaint against Instagram?

Instagram is a vast social media site with millions of users. As the usage of social media is expanding, it is possible that one can encounter an inconvenience with the platform. Instagram users are obligated to file a complaint against any inconvenience they face, and the official will take the right action against the same. Here, you can receive the information related to filing a complaint on Instagram and the issues that can be filed. 

List of the complaint issues that one can file on Instagram

The issues and matters that can be filed by connecting to Instagram are mentioned here:

  • Instagram customer support is not responding.

  • The Instagram account is hacked, or the access is lost.

  • Complaint against offensive content posted on an account.

  • Someone is misusing your content issue.

  • To file a copyright issue. 

  • Report a fake Instagram account. 

  • Someone is impersonating you on Instagram.

  • Your posts and stories are not visible to other users.

Different Methods to file a complaint against Instagram

A couple of methods can be taken into consideration in order to file a complaint against Instagram. All the applicable methods have been explained further for your help.

File a complaint online

The easiest method for filing a complaint against Instagram is to use the Help Center option on the official page. It allows a user to file a complaint about an issue online, mentioning the essential information on the page. The process for the online complaint is as follows:

  • Head to the Instagram account on your device,

  • Move to the profile section and find the three dots on the top right,

  • Pick Settings and then the Help option,

  • On the window, you have to choose the “Help Center” option,

  • Now go for the link that matches the issue for which you want to file the complaint.

  • On the next page, you have to add the required details,

  • Opt for the Submit button to send the complaint request at Instagram.

Call the Support Team

One might consider calling the Instagram support team to file a complaint for the required matter. As you connect to a human at the support team, you can share the concerning matter, and the human will file your complaint as requested, adding all the mandatory details. As the complaint is filed on Instagram, you will obtain an email with the details.

Email Instagram

Another method for filing your complaint on Instagram is to deliver an email to the support team. One can email the matter to the support team, and an official will respond in the same appropriate manner, and actions will be taken against it. You must explain the matter in the email very clearly, provide your personal and contact information, and may attach the concerning files with the email.

How long does Instagram take to respond to complaints?

The support team of Instagram takes a maximum of 3 weeks to respond to a complaint. The response time also depends upon the method you have used to file a complaint against Instagram. An official response to an online application and calling is way faster than an email. In case you did not get any update about the complaint you have filed, you can make an inquiry connected to the Instagram support team. 


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