How do I find Shows and Videos on Facebook?

People use Facebook as a source of connecting with old friends, building a community of new people, establishing a business, and also as a medium of entertainment. Sometimes people struggle to use Facebook and search: "How to View Videos on Facebook?" If you are also finding the solution to this problem, then you can follow the steps mentioned below carefully.

 Causes of Facebook videos not playing:

  • Poor or no internet connection

  • Facebook server down

  • Application not updated

  • Audience settings wrongly set 

Step-by-step procedure to view videos on Facebook

Since Facebook launched the videos feature, people have enjoyed viewing them as they automatically start playing or can be viewed by hitting the play button. But if due, to any reason, you are not able to see videos, you can use the forthcoming solution:

  • Login into your Facebook account by using your user id and password.

  • Now click on your friend list and go to that person's profile you want to see a video of; once you reach their page

  • Tap on photos and select the desired album.

  • You will soon come across a video album.

  • Scroll down to see the desired video that you wish to watch.

  • Now, if you are not able to see that, it might be possible that the owner has restricted the audience from watching their content, so if it is possible, you can reach your friend to provide you access to his videos by clicking on the edit button and modifying the audience to friends or everyone.

How do I find my Videos on Facebook 2022?

To find a show or video, you should click in the top right of Facebook. Now tap on videos and click on see more list. Now in your top of the screen you can see more categories and now you can choose specific video which you want to see or play.

At the top of your screen, tap. to find a specific video, or tap a video category (example: Shows, Live, Music). Scroll left to see more video categories.

An alternate solution to watch videos on Facebook

If still by modifying videos audience you are not able to view videos, you can try to use the following instructions:

  • Close all the tabs and again open Facebook on your browser to troubleshoot your problem, as it will refresh browser settings and let you enjoy viewing videos.

  • If your browser is not updated, you must download and install all the updates of your browser to use Facebook smoothly.

  • You can try to launch Facebook on different browsers. There might be issues with your current browser, so you can resolve the issue by switching to another alternative.

  • The majority of videos use Adobe flash player technology to play their Facebook videos, so if your videos are buffering and not playing properly, then you can try updating the video player to the latest available version and get rid of the issue.

  • Sometimes videos won't play due to violation of certain rules, so you must note the warning displayed.

Clear all the cookies and history of your internet browser.


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