How do I fix if Google not responding on my tablet?-A Complete Guide

How do I fix Google not responding on my tablet

Google is considered to be one of the most convenient, prominent and leading American company. There are a lot of services and products by Google by which people from different parts of the world are fond of. From simple and easy web browser to interesting Google applications to advanced Google email services and many other applications are known to give proper and very tough competition to other companies in the digital market.

As the flow of information is a non-stop process and it keeps on going on without any break, there are a lot of things that are yet to be introduced for better performances of all the applications.Not only this, but Google also holds a strong and separate section of the team which is present to solve all the issues of its users. Also, Google is open to take feedback so that it can improve its performance and service.

Google sometimes takes a long break while restarting the Tablet, and in crucial times it does not respond that can be reasonably delayed while working on something important. If Google does not respond on my Tablet then there must be potential reasons, and the solutions have been described below including in depth guide to troubleshoot and resolve this issue. 

Here are the reasons for Google Chrome not responding on a tablet 

  • First of all, the internet connection issue is caused by poor and unstable Wi-Fwifimobile data connectivity, which can cause Chrome to stop responding to commands on tablets. 
  • Second, the user must open multiple tabs, and extensions can cause the memory to get overloaded, which can cause the Chrome to be unresponsive. 
  • Third, corrupted or outdated extensions must be misbehaving in the background and slowing down the system. Eventually, that will affect Chrome's functionality and cause it to stop responding.
  • Fourth is that there must be a corrupted file or malicious application that can disrupt Chrome's operation on the tablet, so be sure about the malware or incompatible applications. 
  • Fifth, there must be corruption in the cache and settings due to the overload of files, which may raise problematic technical issues within Chrome and make it unresponsive. 
  • Last, the Chrome version is outdated or it can be the old version because it does not support the system, so eventually, it developed operational issues, leading to Chrome creating issues at loading. 
  • You need to make sure that the firewall is not blocking Chrome, and if in case there is some work that has been done on the firewall, then the user needs to change settings which will further not block Chrome. 
  • You can check the firewall settings through Windows Defender, and if it is a Linux machine, then check the firewall settings. 

Here are solutions for fixing Google Chrome not responding on a tablet 

  • First of all check the internet connection, try to reconnect it or if it  is a wifiwifin restart the router to get back the internet again and you can also try to use a alternative browser on the tablet. 
  • You can free up the memory and then close the chrome completey. Memory might be full off temporary files and necessary process that is going on inside the device task manager, so clear all these and then reopen the Chrome. 
  • You can temporarily disable the extensions and enable them one by one until the problematic extension causing the unresponsiveness is specified, and then uninstall them completely. 
  • You can run a Chrome cleanup that will initiate Chrome's built-in malware scanner and incompatible app detector. Both applications will identify malicious or corrupt applications and remove them from the system. This will also affect Chrome's performance. 
  • Users can reset Chrome and precise browsing data. Go to Chrome, then move to the default settings and clear all cookies, cache, and browsing history. This can eliminate any corrupted data causing issues. 
  • Users can update Chrome to the latest version to get the benefits from bug fixes and performance improvements. 
  • Users can install it again after uninstalling it because that will restore it to a clean state. 
  • Users can force close and re-open Chrome if it is unresponsive while browsing. 
  • Users reboot the tablet, and the best way to solve the issue is to simply reboot the tablet, which often resolves minor technical glitches affecting Chrome's performance. rebooting the computer flushes the system RAM and display the new environment for Chrome. 

By following these comprehensive solutions, users can effectively troubleshoot and resolve instances of Google Chrome not responding on their tablets. 

What the necessary steps needs to be taken if the google chrome is unresponsive while browsing?

  • You can forcefully close and reopen the application, then reboot the tablet. Another way to solve the problem is to follow the troubleshooting steps provided earlier. 
  • How do you update the latest version of Chrome?
  • Before starting to explore the problem inside the Chrome, you can follow the below mentioend procedure.
  • Open the Chrome and then go to the settings tab and click on the help tab.
  • After that choose the about google chrome to open the new tab displaying the notification about the chrome installation process. 
  • At the same time, Chrome will search for a newer version. If the system automatically finds a new version, Chrome will automatically update. 

How can I connect with Google if Chrome is not working on the tablet?

You can connect with Google if Chrome is not working on the tablet through the helpline number that is available for 24 hours and seven daysAfterer dialing the number, follow the instructions then connect with the technical assistant and give the details to the live person as the assistant will give meaningful assistance so that the technical error. 




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