Computer not connecting to wifi

A quick guide to resolve computer failing to connect with WiFi

Are you facing issues connecting your computer to the WiFi network? Well, multiple reasons can lead to this problem like a server outage, issues with the router, and more. Be it any reason, one can easily overcome the WiFi connectivity issues by trying out some of the troubleshooting solutions.

Further, for those who are looking for the solutions on how they can resolve computer not connecting to wifi problems, here are the effective solutions that one can try to resolve this issue in time to access uninterrupted internet services.

Solutions to resolve computer unable to connect to WiFi

Well, there are multiple ways to fix the computer not connecting to wifibut here are some of the effective solutions that one can try to fix this issue in time and properly. However, in case, if the issue persists, then the user can seek help from the service providers to resolve the Wifi connectivity issues in time.

1. Check the router is plugged in the power socket

There are chances that the user might be failing to connect with the computer because the router might not be plugged in with the power socket properly. So, it is suggested to the users to check if the Wifi router is plugged in properly.

2. Verify the WiFi password

For the users who have recently changed their Wifi password and are failing to connect the computer with Wifi then, there are chances that they might have not updated the WiFi password. So, before accessing the WiFi services, the user is required to check the password and then try connecting their computer.

3. Reset the router

Another way to ex computer not connecting to wifi is by resetting the router. For this process, the user is required to switch the pain power source of the router. After that, the user is required to switch it on again and check if the issue is resolved or not.

4. Place the device closer to the router

For the users who are failing to connect their computer with the WiFi, they can try to place their device near to the router and check if the issue is resolved or not.

5. Check for the outage problem

There are chances that the user might face a computer not connecting to wifi problem because of the outage or server problem. So, contact the service providers to seek assistance regarding the same and fix the connectivity problem.

Thus, these are the few solutions that one can try out to fix a computer failing to connect with the Wifi problem. If required, one can seek help from the support. 

Query:  Why is my computer not connecting to WiFi, but my phone is?
Reply: WiFi needs an adapter to connect with a pc. If your WiFi is not connected to the computer, the possible reason for that can be a broken network adapter. Your mobile phones do not require any adapter to connect with the WiFi, but a cable is required when you work on a computer. If your connection is wireless and still not connecting, you need to check your computer's network settings. For that, head to the Control panel and allow your WiFi access to your device.

Query: Q2. Why won't my PC connect to wireless WiFi?
Reply: If you have wireless WiFi and your PC is not connecting with the network, check the Airplane mode first. Make certain that the airplane mode is turned off and see all the available networks. If the issue of the computer not connecting to WiFi persists, you need to see the Network Settings of your device. Ensure that not too many devices are connected to your network that may obstruct your PC from connecting. Besides, check the side switch of WiFi in your PC(if available) and turn it on to access the internet. Also, check the range of your WiFi and try to keep your PC in the range.












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