How do i fix if Computer not showing wifi Networks

How do you fix the error if Computer is not showing Wi-Fi networks?

Are you unable to connect your computer to Wi Fi and are searching for ways to fix the error? There could be several issues with your wireless network, since it won't connect to your computer. It can be very frustrating if your Wi Fi network does not connect to the computer while doing any important work online. However, with the help of simple solutions, you can fix the problem when your Wi Fi network is not displaying on computer. If you need help for how do I fix if computer not showing WiFi networks, read the information below.

Reasons why Wi-Fi network is not showing on Computer?

There may be various reasons why the Wi-Fi network does not show on computers, some of which are described below.

·       Corrupt or outdated Wi-Fi drivers

·       Wi-Fi connectivity problem

·       Wrong Wi-Fi configuration

·       Wi-Fi network is hidden

Learn to fix the error if Computer is not showing Wi-Fi networks?

Now if you are interested to learn that how do I fix if computer not showing WiFi networks, then you can follow the solutions as mentioned below.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi network

·       When your Computer is unable to show W-Fi then you can get rid of the problem by troubleshooting the network

·       Check that, you have turned on Wi-Fi setting on your Computer

·       Further, you can restart the Wi-Fi device, after a while check in your Computer once again that now showing networks or not

Check the hidden networks

·       In a few cases, you Wi-Fi network might be hidden which is why unable to show on the Computer

·       Therefore, you can access the Wi-Fi settings on your computer and choose the option to show hidden networks

·       At last, when you can see your Wi-Fi network which is hidden select to make it visible on computer once again

Update latest Wi-Fi drivers

·       When Wi-Fi driver on your computer is outdated then also you may not be able to see the network

·       So the resolution to being able to see the Wi-Fi networks on Computer is to update the latest drivers

Configure Wi-Fi correctly

·       Open the settings of your Computer and navigate to the Network and internet

·       Then you have to select the Wi-Fi option from menu and go to Manage known networks

·       After that, choose Add a new network tab and type the SSID in assigned box

·       Then enter your Network name and choose the security type

·       Next type your Wi-Fi network password in the security key box

·       At last, choose the option connect automatically then save Wi-Fi settings

Best resolutions for your query about how do I fix if computer not showing WiFi networks are discussed above. Moreover, you can contact a technical person from the customer care team of your Wi-Fi service provider if the issue still exist.


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