Facebook Video Chat Not Working on Chrome

How do i fix if facebook video chat not working on chrome ? It is very common that FB not working on Google chrome and

If you are seeing some kind of problem while doing a video chat on your Facebook account and wondering how to fix it, you can do that by doing a few simple steps. And to help you with this, this post has brought you all information. All you need is to go through the details explained below.

Steps to Perform to Fix Facebook Video Chat Not Working on Chrome

Check Internet Connection

Before you do anything, you should make sure that your wifi network is providing the optimum internet speed. Sometimes, due to a weak signal or poor connectivity, you may see such an issue. So, try to fix the internet issue or connect your device through another wifi network.

Update App

If you are using a mobile application to do video chat on Facebook and seeing some issues, you need to update the application on your device. It may help you to get rid of the Facebook video chat not working on Chrome issue and you can experience a hassle-free video chat with your friends.

Upgrade Device Operating System

Sometimes, using an older version of the operating system may cause you trouble in using Facebook video chat. In such a case, you should download and install the pending updates on your system.

Disable Browser Extensions or Plugins

If you have installed browser extensions, it may be the reason that you see some problem with your Facebook video chat. An extension may deny the commands that are required to initiate a video chat on your Facebook account; you can disable all the plugins or the faulty one. In this way, you can fix Facebook video chat not working on Chrome issue without any hassle.

Clear Cache and Cookies

You should try to clear the stored cache, cookies, and browser history. Sometimes, stored files may cause problems while doing the video chat. If possible, delete all the unwanted or junk files from your device to gain smooth access.

Uninstall Third-Party Applications

Using third-party applications or programs may cause some trouble as well. When you agree to the terms and conditions of third-party applications, you may allow some access that program may suspend activities happening on your device. So, uninstalling the third-party application could be a reason to face such issues.

Once you perform the aforementioned steps, you will no longer worry about any issue while doing a video chat on Facebook. In case, things go south and you face some kind of trouble, you can connect with the technical support team to fix the Facebook video chat not working on Chrome issues. The team will assist you with complete support instantly over a phone call.


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