How do I Fix if Google home not connecting to Chromecast?

What methods help to fix the Google home not connecting to the Chromecast problem?

A person who owns Chromecast may sometime encounter the issue while connecting to Google home. People may notice quite often that Google home is unable to find out the Chromecast network, at the same time, not connecting to it. People too have tried to set up the connection between Chromecast and Google home again in a proper manner, yet unable to establish, then it is very annoying. Moreover, there are some tricks which may help fix the Google home not connecting to Chromecast problem as given below.

Check internet in Chromecast

  • At first, people have make sure that Chromecast is quite close to the device they are using for the setup
  • Next, ensure that a while LED light is flashing in your Chromecast
  • Then check that the device on which people are setting up Chromecast is connected to the internet properly. Plus the data network is within the range of device

Troubleshoot Google home

  • First of all quit the Google home app, and then check again the Chromecast connection after reopening it
  • Next, people can switch off the WiFi and then restart Google home to correct the error
  • At last people must use a new device to setup a connection with Chromecast

Factory reset Google home

  • At first people must open Google home app in your device
  • Then tap on the Chromecast and go to the settings
  • Next people have to open the more tab to see options
  • Now scroll down to the factory reset tab and click it

Let the factory reset finish, then retry to connect Google home with Chromecast

Therefore, once after learning the solutions to fix Google home not connecting to chromecast error, people can apply them whenever encounter such problem. In case even after performing the resolutions, still Google home not connecting to Chromecast issue not gone, connect to a representative from Google support team, who will offer you a better assistance.


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